The Wedding Theme: Geek Chic?

24 Jul

Hello all!

It suddenly occured to me today that I don’t have a coherent theme to the wedding (notice the use of the ‘the’ – it’s not just my wedding after all!). This little factoid didn’t make me panic, because well – after you’ve gone through the hell I have trying to secure a date, get both rings, talk to all your bridesmaids without turning into a screaming raging Bridezilla, and attempting to keep your parents happy at the same time – well, you learn to kind of ride the wave…


The wedding theme.

Though it’s not exactly important (weddings do not need themes. I’m just anal-retentive), my fiance and I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate the traditions from my culture (Chinese tea ceremony), from his culture (white wedding dress, toasts, etc) and our love of all things geek. We’ve thought of little things here and there like: the colours red and gold being our wedding colours, a photo booth with geeky photo booth props, badges as wedding favours with names of each guests and witty remarks on who they are (or who we know them as), and there was even talk of a zombie-theme cake topper with us FIGHTING THE HORDE!!

Now all that is well and good, but I want to unify the theme. I am not just a gamer geek, I also love board games, anime, sci-fi and supernatural tv shows and movies, and I’m also a total Disnerd (a Disney nerd). My fiance is a TOTAL gamer geek, loves tech, has a HUGE collection of tv shows from all genre walks (sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural), loves board games and is also something of a Disnerd. Our love for all things geeky, nerdy and dorky is only as big as our love for music.

I want very much to have an underlying Beauty and the Beast feel (that is both his and my favourite Disney Princess film – I know. How the eff did I get this guy!?), while also adding in geeky elements and giving a nice, solid nod towards the cultural and traditional. I will be wearing a white dress, we’ll be performing the Chinese Tea Ceremony (actually something I REALLY WANT TO DO), and we’re going to have a night-time reception. That’s pretty much all I have. Our guest book will be photo-booth’d so we don’t have to worry too much about it. I want to make the props on my own but I’m not too sure how that little project will go (I’m not the craftiest person, you see). Our cake will be a cupcake stand with a nice cake on top. As for other details? Well, hm, what do we do?

How does a couple like us have a classy wedding while adding in elements that define us? Apparently the term the Internets has coined it is: Geek Chic.

The term ‘geek chic’ is a combination of all things chic and all things geek. It means you can have those elegant and delicious wedding cupcakes and the zombie-fighting cake toppers. You can have gorgeous floral arrangements in conical flasks (for those science nerds), cute heart-shaped USBs as wedding favours, and a banner with an ASCII heart to the man of my dreams (this = <3, for those who don’t know). And it also means I have an excuse to shop on Etsy to make sure I find just the right amount of chic and just the right amount of geek (alas, window shopping. But it’s better than nothing!).

I think I might be on to a winner…

3 Responses to “The Wedding Theme: Geek Chic?”

  1. theweddinghunter July 24, 2012 at 22:38 #

    Nice post, I really enjoyed reading this. I think really you can do whatever the heck you want with your wedding. I’ve recently been browsing for “industrial vintage” interior design. Who knew that was a thing? So Traditional; Chinese influenced; geek chic is most certainly fine!

    I might even thief geek chic and do an inspiration board on my site ; )

    GOOD LUCK with the planning, hope you enjoy every second of it,

    Milly (theweddinghunter)

    • eichanist July 26, 2012 at 15:10 #

      Thank you so much! 😀 I need to make an “inspiration board” for geek chic. I’ve found a tonne of websites. I just need to start collating them all together.

      Feel free to thief geek chic. I’d be interested to see what you do with it.

      Good luck with your hunting!


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