The Claddagh Ring: Part II

26 Jul

Hello again! On a previous post I mentioned the claddagh ring and it’s significance to my fiance and I. Well today, my fiance mentioned something that I should have  mentioned previously: the connection between my name and the ring.

Now for those of you who haven’t read the previous post (link above!), the claddagh ring is the symbol of love, loyalty and friendship – three traits both GP and I value. My middle name is derived from my Chinese name and has the Chinese word, “AI” in it. Ai, for those who don’t know, means ‘love’ in Chinese, the character of which looks something like this:

“AI” – the Chinese word for ‘love’

This was taken from my iPhone (hence the blue borders), so excuse the crappy quality.

My character is a little bit altered, but getting past that. So, my Chinese name mean ‘love’.

My last name is a popular Indonesian last name. However, according to my trusty friend, Professor Wikipedia, the name allegedly derived from a Malaysian town known as Sitiawan. This name is a portmanteau of the two words: ‘Setia’ and ‘Kawan’. The meaning?

You guessed it. Loyal Friend. You can learn more about the town of Sitiawan here.

And there we have it.

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