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Part 1, the Lady of the Ring: Woes and Worries

27 Jul

Hello Hive!

(Warning: some ring porn ahead.)

If you’ve been following me so far, you may remember that I posted about the symbolism of the claddagh in Mr Big and my relationship. We ultimately decided that we would use this symbol as our wedding rings and my engagement ring. However, we didn’t know how hard it was going to be to get our hands on something we both wanted. It ended up being a long saga of waiting, grief, excitement, and finally, relief. It is for this reason I’m calling this post, “The Lady of the Ring” (a play on ‘The Lord of the Rings’, for those who don’t know).

It was back in late April to early May when we returned from New Zealand (NZ), newly engaged. Excited to get the rings, we had previously went online to search for ideas. For my engagement ring, we knew we wanted a gold ring, preferably yellow gold, a ruby in lieu of a diamond, and it needed to be in the shape of the claddagh. Mr Big wanted a wedding set, with a nesting wedding band.

By searching through Google, we had found a claddagh ring with a ruby heart and diamond encrusted crown and cuffs from a website, Linda Clifford.

linda clifford ring

Ruby Claddagh Ring in White Gold. / Image via Linda Clifford.

‘That’s what I wanted to get you,’ said Mr Bighorn.

I was excited. ‘Ok. Let’s definitely get that. It’s beautiful!’, I replied. We both knew that Mr Big wouldn’t have the money to immediately get the ring after the NZ holiday so we waited for a little bit longer. I would constantly go back to those rings, admiring them and imagining the day I would be wearing it on my finger. At the same time, we figured out what to get for Mr Bighorn:

linda clifford mens ring

Men’s Claddagh Wedding Band in White Gold. / Image via Linda Clifford.

When the time came close to buy the rings, I found another website which had equally as beautiful rings. After showing them to Mr Big, he agreed they were just as good as the other one – if not better. They had better diamonds and higher grade gold. Unfortunately, the clasps for the ruby made it look like an alien or ant’s head.

the claddagh ring

The Ashford Claddagh Ring in Yellow Gold with Ruby / Image via

So we were stuck – musing what we could do.

And then, after a visit to my parents’, we were told we could get our rings made at a jeweller in Indonesia. Not only were all the materials of a very good quality, he could also do it within our budget. The jeweller was also someone who my parents regularly visited during our trips over, so he knew the family well. Since I have family over in Indonesia, we didn’t have to travel to the jeweller to get the rings made. All we had to do was enlist an artist (my older sister, MoH M&Ms) and a translator (my mother, Ma Bighorn) to ensure that we had all the attributes we wanted on our rings written down and illustrated.

We had a pretty clear idea on what we wanted. My dad, Pa Bighorn, said that they could deliver exactly what we wanted at a good price. Mr Big and I were ecstatic. And so, we sent the illustrations off to my family in Indonesia and waited anxiously for words on the ring.

What we got back was mostly good.

The cost was within our budget and they had all the diamonds and high-quality gold we needed. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ruby we wanted. The ruby they had was circular. We sent back the message that we wanted one in the shape of a heart. We added that if they could at least make the shape of a heart on the ring surrounding the ruby, we would also be ok with that.

And then nothing for a little bit.

When we finally heard back from the jewellers we were told that the ruby they procured was of good quality… but not a heart shape. It was explained to us that they were afraid that cutting the ruby into the shape we wanted would be a bad idea but that they would make sure that the heart-shape we wanted on the ring would be there. Apprehensive but having already committed to this enterprise, we said yes. We also wanted the rings before August 10, when Mr Big’s parents were coming in from NZ. That meant that the rings needed to be made before mid-July when we could get someone to bring the rings back to Australia.

And so, the deposit was handed to the jewellers and the ring-making commenced.

For a few months, we would hear small things here and there: how many diamonds were needed altogether, the specific weight of gold being used for each ring, the sizing issues that the jewellers came across due to international sizing differences, etc. But no pictures ever came through. We weren’t exactly sure what was happening nor did we know the specific cost of the ring.

It was about a month after we agreed to go ahead that the price came in. Our jaws dropped. I’m not going to be specific on pricing here, but it was much, much more than what we wanted. Mr Bighorn freaked a little but had to face it as it was – the rings were already being made. There wasn’t much that we could do at this point. A little disappointed and upset, we just let it go.

We just hoped that nothing else would come up.

Did anyone else face dramas getting their rings?