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Part 2, the Lady of the Ring: Shiny!

29 Jul

Hi Hive-sters!

When we left off, the Bighorns were just told that the rings were exactly within our budget. Not just that, but we hadn’t seen the rings at all! We were a little bit on edge to say the least. A few weeks after the drama behind the pricing, we were told that the rings were ready and in the hands of my family in Indonesia.

Despite the drama leading up to that point, I was excited! These rings would be the outward symbol of Mr Big and my relationship for years (and years, and years!) to come. I wanted to see the rings before they hit Australian shores. But, how?

Easy – have my cousin take a picture of them on her mobile phone and send them to us over Facebook. I was initially told that it wasn’t possible to see the rings, but either my mum pulled some strings or my cousin is psychic, because she sent a text message to my mum.

The photos were in my inbox on Facebook.

Excited, I raced to my laptop, clicked on Facebook and viewed the images.

My first thought?

“What am I looking at?”

I’ll be 100% with you, Hive. My engagement ring looked hideous in those photos.


My engagement ring, taken in very bad fluorescent lighting. / Personal image.

The heart looked nothing like a heart. To me it looked like the bulbous head of an ant or an alien with one red eye. The ring from the side looked even more hideous. I was devastated. Where was the gorgeous claddagh ring that I was promised?

I texted Mr Big, who was over in Adelaide for business, and then shipped the pictures over to him over FB. He was equally, if not more, devastated. I called him several times and we had a serious talk about what to do. We viewed the wedding rings too. Those looked ok; though Mr Bighorn was worried his wedding band had a crooked heart and Celtic knot and that my nesting band wouldn’t fit with the engagement ring.

When I tried to ask my parents if we could possibly return it to get it fixed, they were uncomfortable with the idea. I realised that plan was flawed anyway.  By this time the rings were in the hands of the man we had entrusted to bring them over to Australia. How would we get in contact with the guy we had asked to courier the rings over? We had no contact number.

And so, we were stuck with these rings. Mr Big and I were sad, to say the least, but we would somehow figure it out, like we always did.

Anxious, we waited until our rings were in Sydney, in the hands of a family friend. Upon retrieving our rings, we were worried to say the least. It was night when we went to our family friends’ apartment, retrieved the rings, thanked him, and then retreated back into the car. It was winter over here, a chilly July night. We sat in Mr Big’s faithful ‘Zoe’ (the mechanical love of his life), staring at the package in hand.

Dare we open them and see what they looked like in real life?

We resolved that it would be ok, that we’d find a solution if we didn’t like it, and that no matter what, the rings weren’t the important part of the wedding.

Tentatively, gingerly, we opened up the package. There were two rings boxes – one which held my engagement ring and the other which held our wedding rings. Mr Bighorn wanted to check my engagement ring first and I anxiously agreed. I plucked the box up and opened it up. It was dark, but under the streetlight it gleamed. It didn’t look too bad in the darkness. I worried what it would look like in the light.

But I had to get a closer look.

Turning on the car light, I finally caught a glimpse of this ring which I would wear almost every day of my engaged life, and hopefully, every day after that.

Hive, it was beautiful.

The ruby in the centre – though not heart-shaped like what we wanted – was absolutely stunning. It was a deep red, but under different lights, the ruby shone different colours. The diamonds were equally as beautiful, glinting blue whenever light reflected off the surface.

And my wedding ring!

It curved perfectly along the bottom of my engagement ring. On my finger, the rings looked gorgeous. All anxiety, fear and worry melted away as I put that ring on my finger for the first time. And it hit me – I was engaged! I was getting married! To the most awesome man on this planet (I may be biased here)!!

I didn’t cry (thank God!) but I was definitely teary. I wanted to see Mr Big’s ring, I wanted to get married, and I was so, so very happy that we got these rings.

Now Mr Big’s ring – his ring was perfect. The Celtic knot was exactly as we had wanted it, the claddagh in the middle was spot on and it was both white and yellow gold as Mr Bighorn had wanted. He was so happy with it, that he wanted to wear it straight away. Unfortunately, we aren’t married yet, so he begrudgingly put the ring back into its case. We tucked the rings away and put them safely back in their packaging.

Crisis averted!

Now at the time we got the rings, they both needed resizing. Mine was too big and Mr Big’s was too small. We haven’t resized Mr Bighorn’s ring (he’s hoping to lose more weight) but mine has been resized to my finger. It fits perfectly and I wear it every day!

Now for those of you who are curious, here is my ring!


Taken in the bathroom… I’m a classy broad. / Personal image.

It’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s unique and I love it! Mr Bighorn’s wedding ring and my own are equally as beautiful. My nesting ring looks similar to this:


Nesting wedding band on the Ashford Claddagh Ring / Image via

And Mr Big’s band looks similar to the one I previously placed up, though in both white and yellow gold. Overall, we’re both super excited to have these rings, even despite the drama of it all!