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18 Sep

I haven’t written anything in a while. It’s been rather hectic here with the mid-semester coming up (which means assignments and exams). GP’s currently in Adelaide, and as is normal, shit has hit the fan here in Sydney. I think I broke the gorramn printer. I blame that on a number of things:

1) I should have gone out and bought printer paper instead of using lined paper out of desperation which subsequently got jammed in the printer feed and is now stuck there until such a time as I can dismantle the gorramn thing and get it out.

2) I should have called my parents over to give me some of their printer paper instead of well… not.

3) I don’t have my stupid fracking full license so I can’t drive GP’s turbo car (I hate the laws)

4) GP couldn’t be bothered taking me to the shops to get said paper (he hadn’t had any sleep… which is what I’m trying to tell myself so I stop seething at him)

There’s nothing I can do now, so I’m trying not to dwell on it. My neuroticism is making me extremely anxious and angry though, so I thought that maybe typing it out and blasting Matchbox 20 out of my new and shiny Spotify program would help. I’ll have to do this week’s reading for my course via pdf viewer. If I can write an entire essay doing that, well, then I should be able to do this…


On the wedding front, there hasn’t been any movement since the last post about the potential photographers. It’s almost October, which means we’ll hopefully get a date soon. I don’t know how that’s going to go though, because everytime I ask I get the same response from my mum: “I haven’t called yet.”


The only thing that’s been progressing are selecting songs for the wedding. I have a list of wedding songs on an Excel file and GP, with his new and shiny Spotify, has made a wedding songlist. He hasn’t put on all the songs, and says I should download Spotify so he can share the playlist. I can then add the songs which are on my list. The only problem with selecting songs for the wedding are:

1) we’re probably going to have a live band, who won’t know half (or more) of the songs on the list

2) if the live band DO know the songs, there’s no guarantee they can learn it in the time between hiring them and the wedding, and

3) my dad refuses to have anything short of a live band (his words: “Using a stereo is cheap.”)

Although I have a feeling that the final product will be a mix of live band and stereo (hey, the band’s gotta eat…). If my dad has problems with that, he can deal…


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