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1 Dec

Hello folks!

Since I’m here, I thought I’d write a little something-something on our vendors, because lists are fun, writing helps me forget about this infernal heat, and my fiance isn’t here for cuddles (and I can’t be bothered getting up to go to him!).


Vendors are (in no particular order):

  • Ceremony Location: Hunter Valley Gardens (both civil and tea ceremonies)
  • Reception Location: Tamburlaine Organic Wines
  • Hair & Makeup: Doubletake Makeup Artistry
  • Pre-Wedding Beauty (manicure, pedicure, facials, etc): Still searching…
  • Flowers: Nothing yet – though have a few in mind
  • Event Hire and Decorating: Affections (haven’t booked)
  • Wedding Dress: Mandy Heng Designs
  • Bridesmaid Dresses:
  • Suits: To be decided by fiance – Ron Bennett or Hallenstein Bros.
  • Car Hire: Morpeth Limousines (haven’t booked)
  • Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Resort Hunter Valley (haven’t booked)
  • Celebrant: Jennifer Egan (haven’t booked)
  • Photography: Studiosomething (need to book!)
  • Videography: Onsight Films (haven’t booked)
  • Entertainment: Two live bands in mind

And I think that’s it… If I can think of more, I will! 🙂

– the.eichanist

The Lady of the Ring… Ring Saga Finale!

1 Dec

It’s been so long since I continued from this post, so I’ve decided to do so!

For those who have just joined us:

Part I

Part II

The last I left off (in July, ohmyGod I’m so sorry), we were stuck with rings which we believed looked like horrible, malformed alien heads (at least we believed mine did, GP was worried the Celtic knot on his ring was wrong). But knowing we couldn’t do anything about it, we resigned to our fate. We decided that we’d try to sell the rings if we didn’t like them and reassured ourselves that the rings probably looked bad due to fuzzy mobile phone camera quality and bright glaring flourescent lighting.

Anxious, we waited until our rings were in Sydney, in the hands of a family friend. Upon retrieving our rings, we were worried to say the least. It was night and we were in Meadowbank, just a little ways from our old home of Rhodes. We had retreated back to the car from the winter chill and sat in GP’s faithful ‘Zoey’ (the mechanical love of his life), staring at the package in hand.

Dare we open them and see what they looked like in real life?

We resolved that it would be ok, that we’d find a solution if we didn’t like it, and that no matter what – the rings weren’t the important part of the wedding.

Tentatively, gingerly, we opened up the package. There were two rings boxes – one which held my engagement ring and the other which held our wedding rings. GP wanted to check my engagement ring first and I, anxiously, agreed. I plucked the box up and opened it up. It was dark, but under the streetlight it gleamed. It didn’t look too bad in the darkness. I worried what it would look like in the light. But I had to get a closer look.

Turning on the car light, I finally caught a glimpse of this ring which I would wear almost everyday of my engaged life up until now.

It was beautiful – the ruby in the centre – though not heart-shaped like what we wanted – was absolutely beautiful. It was a deep red, but under different lights, the ruby shone different colours. The diamonds were equally as beautiful, glinting blue whenever light reflected off the surface.

And my wedding ring!

It curved perfectly along the bottom of my engagement ring. On my finger, the rings looked gorgeous. All anxiety, fear and worry melted away as I put that ring on my finger for the first time. And it hit me – I was engaged! I was getting married! To the most awesome man on this planet!!

I didn’t cry (thank God!) but I was definitely teary. I wanted to see GP’s ring, I wanted to get married, and I was so, so very happy that we got these rings.

Now GP’s ring – his ring was perfect. The Celtic knot was exactly as we had wanted it, the Claddagh in the middle was spot on and it was both white and yellow gold as GP has wanted. He was so happy with it, that he wanted to wear it straight away. Unfortunately, we aren’t married yet, so he begrudgingly put the ring back into its case. We tucked the rings away and put them safely back in their packaging.

Crisis averted!

Now at the time we got the rings, they both needed resizing. Mine was too big and GP’s was too small. We haven’t resized GP’s ring (he’s hoping to lose more weight) but mine has been resized to my finger. It fits perfectly and I wear it everyday 🙂 Now for those of you who are curious, here is my ring! ❀