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Doing what needs to be done

2 Dec

Hello all,

I’m not saying that wedding planning isn’t stressful (because it IS!), but so far I’ve been having (mostly, at least) fun with thinking about ways to plan out what to do for the wedding. I haven’t really needed to fight tooth and nail with stubborn vendors (and I hope I won’t need to) and what we have booked seems to be gliding along smoothly. There are a few things GP and I need to do, and I thought it might make it easier if I wrote these down here.

So without further ado, here’s the to-do list:

  • Return the booking contract to Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley before 7/12
  • Have our Skype meeting with StudioSomething at 1900 tomorrow (3/12)
  • Fill out the booking form for StudioSomething
  • Find some time to see Onsight Films and discuss a suitable package
  • Meet our potential celebrant!
  • Start dancing lessons
  • Buy gifts!
  • Start gathering materials for wedding favours
  • Complete invitations for the wedding

So as you can see, we’re well underway in our wedding planning. We’re both super excited! More updates to come soon hopefully!