Happy New Year!!

7 Jan

First off, I’d like to wish all of my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🙂

Mine was spent with family and my fantastic-as-heck fiance ❤ It was GP’s first time in the city celebrating the New Years and watching the fireworks. He really enjoyed it (but that could’ve also been because we had Brazillian churrasco). It’s been a week exactly since then and GP’s back at work. I’m trying to get things moving along academically (I want to get into an Honours degree), so I’ve been researching like heck.

The weather is being disagreable.

It’s been swaying between hot and cold and that’s affected my health. I got the flu on the Friday night and, on Saturday, I was so terrible I couldn’t get up. Which was a huge bummer because I wanted to take GP to Taronga Zoo (and the sisters too – my little sister and ‘junior’ bridemaid was really looking forward to it too!). On Sunday I was feeling slightly better, but I was still feeling rundown. I was out with GP and my family all day, so I wasn’t in the best of moods.

I felt sorry for GP – he got the brunt of my attitude. I don’t know how he handles me so well, but he does.

And now it’s Monday! GP’s been doing work-stuffs and I’ve been sorting out my Honours stuff and trying to get over this stupid flu. My throat is getting better, but I’m still congested and suffer from dry-throat. Otherwise, it’s been rather quiet on our end.

We’ve got about one year to go until the wedding, giving us a lot of time to plan. We’ve been called organised since we’ve booked the ‘essential’ wedding things already, but we’re still trying to find cheaper ways to do things for the wedding. We’re also a little bit anxious about our guest list, because my parents are inviting more people than they originally intended on. They’re also refusing to budge on cutting the list and have stated that ‘some people can sit outside’ (which… they can’t). I’m hoping it’ll smooth out once invitations are sent, but only time can tell.

Other than that, we’re trying to sort out ideas for wedding favours, have a potential wedding band on the rise, and we’ll be attending a friends’ wedding in New Zealand very soon!

All very exciting things!! 🙂


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