The Guest List & Invitations

12 Feb

AHHH! It’s been so very long since I wrote!! Bad eichanist, bad! I do have a reason for the long absence. First off – New Year (I think that was my last post). And then, we flew over to New Zealand for a friends’ wedding! I (unfortunately) wasn’t able to attend the wedding while I was over there – but, from the photos and videos I’ve seen, it looked MARVELLOUS! I just hope all my planning is just as good as their’s (they were also lucky enough to have some help – I don’t have the luck of having a wedding planner…). After we came back from the wedding, it was Chinese New Year – so I wasn’t able to find time to sit down over the weekend to type a post.

So I’m doing it now – when I should be attempting to consolidate my Honours work… (Shhh, tell no one!)

But anyway – first thing’s first. I would like to acknowledge that I’m getting married in less than a year!! YAY! I will soon be Mrs. GP (or more correctly, P…). GP has been getting more and more excited – he’s giving me ideas, suggesting things timetable-wise (I’ll need him to do most of the timetabling because, well… I suck at it), and thinking of potential photo locations. I love that he’s getting more excited – it makes me more excited! 🙂 He’s even suggested ideas for our first dance, which has got me very excited!

We’ve essentially done a lot of the bookings – reception, ceremony, photographer, videographer – and now just need to smooth out the finer details – decorations, cake, flowers, transport. The wedding attire hasn’t been smoothed out completely yet – but we’re getting there! More importantly, we’re pretty much set with our invitations! I’ve sent them off to be printed, and we’re eagerly waiting for the proofs to come in. Because we’re getting them printed in America, we’ll have to pay extra for shipping and handling, but their printing and materials was actually cheaper than anything we could find in Australia. Essentially, minus shipping and handling, it worked out as about $5 / invitation. This is not including the fact that I managed to get a discounted rate on one of the components, so it’ll actually work out cheaper than that!


The thing that worried GP and myself  is the guest list. We’re set on a cap of 150 people – and we’ve got about 162 people on our list. Now, I know there’s a guaranteed 10 naysayers from that 162 – but it still is a worrisome thing. GP and I will be biting our fingernails (hopefully figuratively) in anticipation when those invitations get sent out.

Wish us luck!

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