Busy, busy, busy

11 Mar

My title is so very original.

Anywho – hello gang! 🙂 GP and I have been hurrying around, trying to move from one house to another. We’ve ultimately decided to move into my parents’ house and we’ve been flat out moving things to and fro with the help of my dad’s ute. It’s been exhausting, but if I haven’t lost a great amount of weight after this, I’m gonna be pissed! (no, not really, but still – so much to-and-fro-ing and heavy lifting). GP and I have started a healthy-living regime, which means daily walks, copious amounts of water, and portion eating. We’ll be joining a gym soon enough 🙂

I’ve lost some weight (not enough that I’m happy, but it’s a slow, steady journey). GP’s lost HEAPS of weight, and I’m so proud of him (albeit a little bit jealous!).

As for wedding stuff, that’s currently on hold. Although exciting news might still be on the horizon with our photographers!

Wish us both luck! 🙂

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