Happy Easter!

1 Apr

My god I am a horrible blogger.

I don’t think I could ever do this for a living. Actually – I take that back. I probably could if this was the thing giving me financial stability…

Anyway! Happy Easter everyone!

It’s just ending here in Australia, and we (GP and I) have had an awesome time! On Good Friday we drove up to Newcastle with some friends and bade another of our friends a farewell. Lucky guy is leaving on a long secondment in America. We spent some time boozing, eating, laughing and chatting. I even got some wedding talk in because one of our friends is our MC! 🙂 He wanted to get the general layout of the room and talk about personalities so he can get a better feel of his audience.

We’ll be taking him up the Hunter Valley to see the hall this month 🙂 (hopefully…)

On Saturday, my family, GP and I went to Cockatoo Island (my first time there!). It’s a stunning island in the middle of the Harbour. There’s views of the Harbour Bridge and the city, and the island itself is full of so much history! It used to be an island to house convicts, then became an orphanage and reformatory for orphan and delinquent girls and boys. It was later changed to a naval dock where some of the first Australian warships were built for WWII. It’s honestly a photog’s paradise, with a mixture of industrial, raw and gritty scenarios and old decaying buildings and structures of convict Australia against the modern sky scape of Sydney! We strolled around the island, had a picnic lunch and then enjoyed a coffee and some drinks while soaking in the sun. After a brief mishap with the ferry (wrong ferry, whoops!) we ate at a Mexican restaurant – Had to Happen – that had all-you-eat fajitas. SO very bad for the diet, but so very good to eat. GP and I made sure not to eat too much sour cream or cheese. All-in-all, it was an awesome day!!

On Sunday, we went trekking with another group of friends. After a painfully long drive to the Blue Mountains (and more specifically, Wentworth Falls), we headed out on a hour-and-a-half trek through Australian bushland and to the waterfalls. The views were stunning and even GP admitted that the Australian wilds were a “different kind of beautiful to New Zealand”. We took heaps of pictures in front of the waterfalls and through the bushland. I got soaked by one particular waterfall, which was just awesome. It was such an awesome day and hopefully we make it a “thing” to do it every month or fortnight. GP and I’s legs were so sore afterwards, but it was worth every sore muscle.

And finally, Monday was a day to completely relax. We did nothing all day (and that includes exercise too, I know, we’re bad!). We’re still eating well, so hopefully today hasn’t set me back…

I know this wasn’t really wedding-related, but I thought I’d document the awesomeness that was the long weekend. 🙂 My next post, I promise, will be about the wedding!

For now, I shall go~

E x

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