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An Exit Strategy

31 May

Boy, do I have a lot to say.

Unfortunately, it’ll be MUCH too long to say it all in one post. So I’ll start with a more recent disappointment.

Our reception space cannot do a sparkler exit.

I know, “/sarcasm/ OH BOO HOO, YOU POOR THING”. But… but… I was really eager for pictures like this:

By the way, do you remember how I was gushing about how wonderful my photographers are? This is one of their’s. I KNOW RIGHT, AREN’T THEY AWESOME #forevergushing (Image (c) StudioSomething)

But… we can’t have pictures like that… because our reception space doesn’t allow it. For good reason too, the last time they did a sparkler exit, the guests left the sparklers lying around everywhere, charred the wooden deck, and made a general mess of things. :\ It is because of that wedding that all other wedding have promptly suffered.

So… what else can we do? What will work for an evening exit?

I’ve had ideas, but GP didn’t really like them – glow stick exit doesn’t match our general wedding ‘theme’, bubbles don’t photograph well at night, confetti is usually out of the question because of the mess factor (and I don’t really like confetti). The reception space usually has a goodbye circle or an archway, but a goodbye circle involves the bride and groom saying goodbye to EVERYONE (and we have over 100 guests) and the archway was used by my cousin for her wedding (and I’m trying not to do the same thing as her).

So what do we do!? Anyone have any ideas? :\