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“I Effing Hate You,” an Ode to my Skin.

3 Sep

Hey all!

Back in September, after two post-pones, my hair and makeup trial was finally booked in! Realistically, I should’ve scheduled it in November, but I was eager to see what my MUA and hair stylist could do!

In the days preceding the trial, I was both excited and scared. Excited – self-explanatory – it’s a wedding-related event which basically means I’m sitting at a makeup artist’s (MUA’s) chair and getting prettied up. Same with hair! I was lucky enough to find a makeup team which does both hair and makeup, and they also come to you to do the job. I’ll show you the results once we’re done, but first I want to explain the reason why I was so scared.

It can be summed up in two words: sensitive skin. Or if you want to be specific, one word: eczema. In general, I’m not that great with makeup. In fact, of the bajillion photos I’ve (bravely, if I say so myself) put up on the blog, a majority of them (I think ALL of them) have me wearing Where I am wearing makeup, its light.


Wearing makeup (believe it or not). Also, why the crap do I always make this face? / Personal image.

You see guys, I have terrible skin. I don’t mean oily, or combination, or even dry (although I do have dry skin), I mean sensitive, eczema-riddled skin which just LOVES to break out when the weather changes. Want some evidence re: how bad it REALLY looks – here’s a hint:

Icky skin

Taken September 2, 2013 – my icky skin. / Personal photo.

Those things you see on my skin are caused by scratching, which I often do subconsciously, especially when I’m asleep. I’ve been trying to stop scratching, but my skin gets irritated easily, whether that is through stress, sweat, or heat. When I am itchy, and awake, I try to rub or scratch as lightly as possible, but old habits die hard and before long, I’m tearing my skin off once more. It’s even worse when I’m asleep.

It’ll also be the height of summer during the wedding (read: bloody hot) so I’m worried my skin will get absolutely irritated and I’ll breakout (again). Summer is not my friend (neither is… basically any weather other than cold).

I’ve been applying various skin oils on top of my daily moisturising regime. It’s been getting much better – smoother and softer – but the scars haven’t really faded significantly. I’ve been recommended Omnilux treatment (which is a light therapy treatment) as well as treatment involving UV light, but (a) the cost is far too great for me, and (b) I don’t want to risk it if it might cause damage.

So, in short, I’m pretty intimidated by the whole ‘getting-married-and-having-a-bazillion-photos taken-of-me-and-my-crap-skin’ thing. Hence, the trial, for me, was a really big deal.

As for hair, my scalp used to be as bad as the rest of my skin, but it’s been getting better. As long as I wash my hair everyday (I know, you’re not supposed to do that), my scalp is as happy as a clam. If I miss even one shower, my scalp decides it hates the world and gets super irritated. Another thing about my hair – it’s thin, so can be rather difficult to work with. It’s pretty good at moulding into shape though, but any hairstyles that call for volume will need to be thought through and worked out carefully.

So I was hoping my MUA and hair stylist could work with my skin and my hair.

Does anyone else have sensitive skin? How did you deal with it on the lead up to your wedding?