Part 1, Of All the Love Stories I’ve Ever Known: The Background of our Background

23 Sep

I thought I’d interrupt the “wedding” posts with a “getting to know us” post. I don’t think I’ve really mentioned how I met the wonderful man who I’ll be getting wed to. So I thought I’d share our relatively unabridged story.

Mr Big and I met in possibly one of the most “common” ways in this modern day and age – we met through the Internet. However, our story is filled with both serendipity, and I think, a little bit of fate. It also doesn’t start with us meeting.

It starts almost 8 years ago.

Eight years ago, Mr Big moved from New Zealand to Australia after being promoted within a large Australian company (which has branches in New Zealand). Mr Big is originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, so he had to move overseas for this job. This company moved Mr Big over, gave him a car and temporary lodging, and a pretty good salary.


Christchurch, New Zealand relative to Australia / Image taken from

Mr Big was also engaged to someone at this point in time and at his healthiest ever.

By all accounts, Mr Big should have been happy – a promotion earning him more money, having just lost a lot of weight and being at his healthiest, not to mention engaged – but like all good love stories, things just didn’t work out that way. His engagement ended, abruptly, and he buried himself in work. He also began to lead an unhealthy lifestyle of late nights and takeout dinners.

Fast forward five years to that time, and Mr Big decided he’d been stuck in a rut for far too long. He worked on losing weight and signed up to a dating website: OKCupid.

This was early 2010.

Meanwhile, I was attempting to gain an Honours attachment to my undergraduate degree in the forensic science field. I was doing relatively well, having just gained a High Distinction in my first assignment. However, as it happens, things spiralled downhill. I was effectively bullied out of my candidature and ended up dropping the Honours degree as I had no other supervisor who specialised in what I was attempting to research. No other supervisor was willing to take me on.

By this point, it was mid-2010, and I was unhappy with the fastball Life has just thrown at me. Lost and confused, I spent most of my days trying to figure out what to do. It was at that point that a friend of mine suggested I join a dating website: OkCupid.

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