Bearded and Bespectacled.

12 Oct

Mr Big is handsome. He’s cute, charming, and absolutely a-dork-able (I might be biased). He’s also never without two things: his spectacles and his beard.

When I first met Mr Big, he was beardless and he had what is typically known as “rimless” glasses.

no beard GP

Literally, one of the only two photos I can find where Mr Big is beardless. This was taken three years ago in 2010!

Over the years, his glasses have stayed more or less the same, but in most of our photos together, he has a beard in some form or another:

beard montage

From left to right, top row: During my 23rd birthday, mid-2011; our trip to China, early 2012; our trip to the Hunter Valley, late 2012. Bottom row: Our trip to the Milford Sound, NZ (stunning!), early 2013; celebrating our friends’ Sydney Steampunk reception, mid-2013; and finally, at the Hunter Valley Gardens Zoo, late 2013.

Mr Big’s had glasses for most, if not all, of his life, and he started wearing a beard since he entered the corporate world at a young age, where his age held more weight than his intelligence.So it only made sense that he has a beard and glasses during the wedding.

In the wedding world, beards seems to be picking up. Long gone is the clean-shaven individual, with the “Dawn of the Beard” having well-and-truly risen over the horizon:

This groom's offbeat style includes a rainbow speckled blazer, polka dots, and neon. (images CoCo Boardman for Krista Photography) | Well-Groomed Blog

A bearded groom / Image via Well Groomed, photography by Krista Photography.

Personally, I LOVE the beard on Mr Big.

Mr Big’s beard completes his look, and I’d like our wedding-selves to be a reflection of our real-life-selves, just more polished and presentable. So I’d be completely happy with Mr Big sporting the beard, and it’s safe to say that he WILL be wearing it when we get married. He even wants to get a hot shave to get it looking schmick.

The other part of his look which must be a part of the wedding are Mr Big’s glasses.

Mr Big needs his glasses to see, as his vision isn’t exactly great. However, as Mr Big wears his glasses pretty much all the time apart from sleeping, he’s got transition lenses, which basically means they go dark in the sunlight. It makes it much easier for him to drive and generally go about life as he doesn’t particularly need sunglasses. However, transition lenses make it difficult to see his (very pretty) eyes in photographs and also became a problem during our engagement shoot.


The transition lenses working – see how they’re dark as compared to my glasses? Also, my expression is just… strange there. / Image & photography by StudioSomething.

In some shots, he was even asked to take them off so that they could fully capture his (adorable ❤ ) face:


GUH. I love this photo. Also notice the lack-of-glasses on Mr Big. / Image & photography by StudioSomething.

Because of this problem, we’re thinking of grabbing an old pair of glasses and replacing the lens so that he can wear it to the wedding. They’re rimless  Raybans, so they’ll look sleek from the sides. But from the front, it’ll look like he’s not really wearing glasses.

That way, people can focus more on his fabulous face.

About a week or so ago, we got the lenses changed for his glasses, and I think it looks good. Here he is with his rimless, transition-lenses-less glasses:

The thinking man.

Mr Big, the thinking man.

What do you think about bearded men? How about grooms in spectacles?

(All images personal unless otherwise stated.)

2 Responses to “Bearded and Bespectacled.”

  1. Mrs Funnel Cake October 23, 2013 at 18:20 #

    Ohhh I totally also have a pair of those puffy fabric aviator glasses! Where did you get them?? 🙂

    Mr. FC also started doing the beard in his early twenties as a way to look more mature in the work world and he absolutely loves it. I think I’m a fan of grooms either having a beard or clean shaven. The only thing that gets me is when they look like they forgot to start growing the beard early enough or just look like they forgot to shave. Go big or go home! I’m sure GP’s spiffed up beard will look hot! 🙂

    And great idea for the lenses. Transitional lenses are soooo not photography friendly, so I think you are making a good choice!

    • eichanist October 23, 2013 at 21:04 #

      I was actually wearing a friends’ aviator glasses. 🙂 He got it from an Australian costume website, 🙂 We have our own pair of puffy aviator glasses, but they’re boring (read: no spiffy green lenses!).

      I honestly never thought I’d get a bearded guy, but GP’s beard is just SO sexy on him! And I agree, go big or go home – none of that stubbly-I-forgot-to-shave-today stuff! 🙂

      We’re hoping to get non-transitional lenses for GP in the coming week provided we don’t procrastinate… which we’re oft to do. So wish us luck! 😀 Thanks for the comment Mrs FC! 🙂

      As an aside, was it weird I got all goofy-excited that you read a post? I’m such a geek.

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