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Less than Three

22 Oct

Mr Big and I are sticklers for the English language.

And in saying that, when we text each other, we don’t normally use “short-speak”. For example, we don’t use “C U L8R”, we use “see you later”. As we met each other online, it meant a lot to me that he was using “you” instead of “u” and “this” instead of “dis”.

However, as we became more intimate, we began using the ASCII heart, which others may know as “less than three”, or simply:

ASCII Heart Necklace

Less than Three!! Also, that necklace is awesome. / Image via Etsy shop, bekathwia.

Our texts normally have them in some form or another (and yeah – we do take some liberties with some words…):


A typical conversation between Mr Big (GP) and I via text message. For context, we were in Melbourne, staying in serviced apartments. / Personal image.

Basically, the “less than three” symbol is our symbol of affection, and therefore, we wanted it to be in the wedding. I mentioned previously wanting to get  the symbol to put at the head/bridal table, similar to this:

Groomsmen wearing suspenders.  I like that look!

The “Mr – Mrs” head table decoration // Image via One Wed, photography by Tim Tab Studios.

However, instead of the typical “MR / MRS”, “MR & MRS”, or “G & E”, we wanted this:

Metal Art Geek Heart Emoticon Wedding Decor - Free USA Shipping

“Less than three” stand – perfect for the bridal table / Image via Etsy shop Knob Creek Metal Arts.

But at $35 retail, with a shipping of $31 on top, we weren’t willing to spend that much. Mr Big decided he could make it out of wood from Bunnings, but after some sawing and cutting, we realised we didn’t have the tools to smooth it out and make it look presentable. Add to that my lack in woodworking skills and Mr Big’s busy schedule, that idea went kaput.

I decided to ask my dad if he could do it, but he took one look at the design and reeled backwards with a look of, “Are you kidding me?”. Fair enough – it’s definitely not an easy thing to construct!

Enter Mr Big’s best friend, Best Man DirtyHarry.

He owns and runs a manufacturing business. I don’t know ALL of the details, but to my knowledge, he has a machine that can cut ornate shapes designed firsthand in a computer. Well, after some asking around, BM DirtyHarry offered to make it for us! A few weeks (months? I can’t remember… I’m terrible) we received an email from him with a design of what the heart will look like.

Heart Front

The design sent to us by Best Man DirtyHarry / Personal image.

We made some adjustments (sizing, colour) and sent them back. According to Mr Big, they’ve been made! 🙂

We’re uber excited to have this at the wedding. It’s not a HUGE deal to others, but I felt this symbol (<3) was significant enough to the both of us that it needed some inclusion into the wedding. BMan DirtyHarry has even said that he’d like to keep it for himself, hahaha!

We’ll be placing two Disney characters on either side of the ASCII heart! More on those two later 🙂

What do you guys think? 🙂 Cute, corny, both?