Break it down now!

6 Jan

RSVP breakdowns are always fun!

I love it when Bees give the Hive an idea on the demographics of their guests – where they’re from, how many people are attending, how many declined, who will be coming from out-of-town, etcetera, etcetera. It’s such a good way to get a snapshot of the wedding and definitely does give some awesome insights into the guests and the wedding itself.

Unfortunately, that means using programs like Excel. And guys, I am really bad at Excel. Mr Big is a pro at it, thankfully, so when I got this post under way, I turned to him for help. After some fiddling around, I managed to break down the RSVP list.

So without further ado, here’s the RSVP breakdown!

The Bighorns invited approximately 187 people to the wedding. Of the 187 people we invited, 43 of them declined, which means that our guest list sits at exactly 142 people (77% acceptance rate!). This means that approximately 23% of the people invited to our wedding declined to come.

RSVP breakdown_acceptance

Woohoo! People like us Mr Big!

Of the 142 people who accepted the invitation to the wedding, 98 will be attending the ceremony (69.0%), 58 will be attending the Chinese tea ceremony (40.8%), 26 will be going on the wine tour (18.3%), and 140 will be attending the reception (98.6%).

A total of 116 guests will be staying at the appointed guest accommodation, Crowne Plaza (81.7%), with 11 staying at other accommodation (7.7%) and 14 guests driving back home from the reception (9.9%).

accommodation rates

The Crowne – the place to stay (statistically, anyway).

Guests will be a mixture of out-of-town International guests, out-of-town domestic guests, and local residents. One-hundred and thirteen (113) guests are Australian (79.6%), 22 guests are from New Zealand (15.5%), 6 guests will be flying in from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (4.2%), and  finally, 1 guest will be flying in from London, United Kingdom (0.7%).

geographical area

Our multicultural wedding! Sorta.

Now let’s get specific. I broke down the areas from which our Australian and New Zealand guests would be coming from and got the following.

Of the 113 Australian guests coming to the wedding:

  • 97 will be driving up from the Greater Sydney Region (85.8%)
  • 4 will be driving from a local Central Coast suburb (3.5%), and
  • 2 will be driving down from the North Coast (1.8%)
  • 8 guests will be flying down to New South Wales from Queensland (7.1%)
  • 1 will be flying up from Melbourne, Victoria (0.9%), and
  • 1 will be flying in from Perth, Western Australia (0.9%)

australia stats

As for our Kiwi folks, of the 22 New Zealand guests:

  • 13 will be flying in from Christchurch (59.1%)
  • 4 will be flying in from Auckland (18.2%)
  • 3 will be flying in from Nelson (13.6%)
  • 1 will be flying in from Greymouth (4.5%), and
  • 1 will be flying in from Dunedin (4.5%)

nz stats

When looking at how the guest list is split according to whether they are on the “groom’s side”, “bride’s side”, or miscellaneous, it was found that:

  • 41 guests are mutual friends of Mr and Miss Big (28.9%)
  • 5 guests are “just” friends with Miss Big (3.5%)
  • 17 guests are “just” friends with Mr Big (12.0%)
  • 39 guests are from Miss Big’s family (27.5%)
  • 7 guests are from Mr Big’s family (I know…) (4.9%)
  • 4 guests are family friends of Mr Big’s family (2.8%), and
  • 29 guests are family friends of Miss Big’s family (20.4%)

guest list portions

I know guys, those statistics seem loaded, but it’s true. I have a rather large family and Mr Big’s family is small. So a majority of the guests at our wedding will be on “my” side, although a lot of our mutual friends are making up the bulk of the guest list too. 🙂

In terms of guest transportation, approximately 60 guests will be taking transport from the Crowne to the ceremony (42.3%) and approximately 68 guests will be taking transport from the Crowne to the reception (47.9%). From this, we can infer that approximately 50% of our guests are probably going to party and drink at our wedding (yay!).

And that’s it guys! The Bighorn RSVP Breakdown!

Who else feels that, statistically, your “portion” of the guest outweighs your partner’s? (I feel pretty awful about it, honestly.) Who else is going to have a 50% party rate!? (And is it sad that I’m actually quite happy about that?)

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