Post-Wedding Feels

1 Feb

First off, I’d like to wish the Hive a Happy Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Horse bring each and every one of you good luck, joy, prosperity, and good fortune. 🙂

stupid fox_CNY

Yay, Stupid Fox! / Image via the StupidFox Facebook page.

Now, I thought I’d post this before recaps.

Most couples get to ride off into their honeymoon after the wedding, but Mr Big and I went straight back into life. Our honeymoon won’t be until April 2014 (more on that later!), so that meant after one week of rushing around getting everything sorted for the wedding, we spent another week catching up with out-of-town and in-town guests.

The week after the wedding was fabulous, but crazy. Mr Big and I both agreed though that every second of our time spent was worth it (even though we were so tired by the end of every single day). I won’t go through everything we did – I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves:


A caricature with some awesome friends in Chinatown. / Photo via Friend Car (the one on the bottom right), caricature by an awesome artist in Chinatown.


Mr Big getting his caricature on. / Personal photo.


Skyping with family in Indonesia. You can’t really see, but the person in the little inset is my grandmother, who couldn’t make it to the wedding. / Image by Cousin Fray, who took this on the other side of the Skype screen.


Saying farewell and good luck to BM Superhero, who moved to SF a few days after the wedding. 😦 She stayed for a little bit longer in Australia to attend the wedding. I have awesome friends. We got her the Despicable Me PoP! Vinyls (top right). / Photo by BM Superhero.

nz fish and chips

Making creepy faces at the camera while eating Kiwi-Style fish and chips. In this photo, from bottom to top, Friend Hocks, Friend Car, Mr Big, and me (with the creepy eyes). / Photo by Mr Big.

WP_20140125_13_48_49_Pro (2)

Taking pictures with Bighorn Sheep relatives in Taronga Zoo, while hanging out with awesome friends GM Xbox and Good Luck Lady Lucky and their ADORBS two kids. Mr Big unfortunately had the sun in his eyes (it’s good being short sometimes). Also, notice the ring! / Personal photo.

After a whirlwind week of eating, drinking, socialising, and eating (I kid you not, I must have gained at least 5kgs that week), we had to go back to work/university in the coming week.

Fortunately, Mr Big’s work flew him out to Melbourne for a week and he took me along with. Because Monday was a public holiday (Australia Day!), we spent the day shopping up a storm in Melbourne Central (discounts, ftw!) and watching movies (we watched 2 in one day, it was awesome). And then commenced the work!

I’ve basically been sorting out my university work before university officially begins in March. Mr Big has been at work and has been smashing it (he’s a genius, he is).

I did however get a post-wedding chop:


I called myself psychotic in this photo. BM Cupcakes agreed. And yes, I’m wearing a Batman tee. / Personal photo.

And just to cap this post off, our first meal as a married couple was KFC.


It was then I realised how much I hated it.

Who else had a whirlwind first week as a married couple? Does my hair look ok guys?


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