Takin’ Love by the Horns: ‘Ramming’ it all in

14 Mar

[That title sounds dirty. Snicker, snicker.]

Although we got married on a glorious Sunday in the Hunter Valley, guests started arriving on Wednesday. The first of these was FBIL Muso, Mr Big’s brother, who we picked up from the airport. Later that day, six members of my family from Indonesia arrived. That night was spent in relative quiet – I did some thank you cards for our attendants, bridal party members and parents…


Screenshot from Photoshop. Obviously not the completed thank you cards, but the template.

Mr Big finished off some major projects…

Last-Minute projects

Mr Big’s status update when he completed said project. Also, he is a big fan of Will Ferrell.

And FBIL Muso got to know my family a little bit more. This included going through Papa Bighorn’s massive band equipment inventory and ensuring they had everything absolutely necessary for the wedding.

By this point, I had boxed up everything in containers to take up to the Hunter Valley…


Case in point. Place cards boxed and ready to go!

And made myself an inventory list to ensure I remembered everything.


A printscreen of the list. That list was 6 pages long. And for some reason my laptop has decided that it wants to keep an invisible box on the screen. Stupid laptop.

I felt calm and prepared. Mr Big was just finishing off another last-minute project (poor guy was swamped with work up until that point), so I helped him out. We finished off the project that night and then hit the hay.

It was Thursday when everything became a hectic blur.

Waking up early, Mr Big and I began zipping around like crazy people to ensure we had everything all packed up and ready. MoH M&Ms and her boyfie, The Don, were supposed to arrive early that day, before 10:30AM, but had slept in. That pushed back the departure time for my parents, and did sort of annoy me, but Mr Big and I made the executive decision that, to hell with it, we needed to be up in the Hunter relatively early to ensure that everything was packed away in the reception space and ready for go-time.

We had a lot to pack. I wish I could show you images, but hive, it was so hectic. We did, however, manage to fit about 85% of our crap in two cars – Mr Big’s second love-of-his-life, Zoe (his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) and my father’s old Mazda. Between those two cars we managed to fit:

  • ALL of the band gear, including amps and two keyboards
  • Basically everything for the ceremony
  • About 90% of the reception stuff

My wedding dress and veil, and the card box and chocolates were to be brought up by my parents. In the meantime, FBIL Muso, Groom’s Homie Oddball, I and Mr Big headed up to the Hunter Valley to check into the hotel, head to the reception hall, and start setting up.


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