Takin’ Love by the Horns: Not a Morning Person

8 Apr

[This post is sort of out-of-order, but I wanted to get a few ‘negative’ things out before I launch into the good parts of the morning.]

Every Most brides have something they regret about their wedding. I’d like to say I’m not one of them, but there are a few things that went wrong here and there. There’s nothing I can do to fix those things, but I can share it with the hive so that others know what to plan for and do during those times. One of these regrets, hive, is a relatively simple oversight.

Now usually, I’m not a morning person. My bridesmaids knew this, and knew that I probably needed a cup of coffee. Luckily for me I had way too much energy from the excitement. So much so that I didn’t even have my usual cup of coffee all day. Can you believe that!?


However, originally I was hoping to grab a few breakfast goodies the day before: yoghurt, fresh fruits, juices, coffee and tea, cereal, milk, a nice chocolate spread, some jam, and let the girls pick and choose what they want. But if you read my posts regarding my Saturday, I literally did not have time to do any of those things, and I had completely forgotten about it by the time the day arrived. What’s worst was that BMs Cupcakes and Superhero had gone shopping, and all I really needed to do was ask them to collect a few things (and pay them back), but alas, stress + massage to ease stress = loss of memory, apparently.

So I forgot about breakfast.


Like THIS. The yumminess. / Image via Chai Me.

Now on the morning of the wedding, as I made sure things were in order and my girls slowly came in or woke up, I realised with horror that we had nothing to eat for breakfast. Because it was 5AM in the morning, no shops were open either (country Australia, no 24-hour convenience stores here!).

I didn’t know what was in-stock at my parents’ villa, but usually there’s cereal, milk, bread, and spreads. Unfortunately, with there being approximately 8 girls and 2 guys (Papa Bighorn and The Don) getting ready in the room, there wasn’t enough breakfast for anyone, let alone me.

I was concerned for my girls, mostly, because BM Superhero is significantly affected when she hasn’t had a bite to eat, and BM Cupcakes was super worried about not being able to eat during the day (because of how busy it would get). So I wanted to ensure breakfast was available.

But all we had was milk enough for two people (not enough for cereal for everyone) and a tiny, tiny, tiny jar of Nutella spread. By the time it was 8AM, I asked MoH M&Ms to get something more substantial, hoping at least for some juice, but all she could find was a jar of jam.

wee nutella

Bite size Nutella, not enough for 10 people! / Image via Lucky Pony.

Oh well!

Jam and toast it was. Unfortunately, by the time the jam and toast was served, I was getting super, super, super nervous because I knew Mr Big would be headed in to “see” me soon (more on that later!). So I forced myself to eat some toast BM Proper fed me toast (yes, you read right. The fabulous BM Proper fed me toast on the morning of my wedding) and then I proceeded to let it digest.

So, a word of warning to you girls planning your weddings: Have a breakfast plan! Don’t just assume there’ll be enough food. I, for one, truly regret not being able to have a substantial breakfast for my girls and me the day I got married. I even remember turning to BM Proper, Superhero and Cupcakes and jokingly saying, “If I faint at the end of the aisle, please catch me”.

I also found out later that Mr Big had pre-arranged a meeting with the boys at the breakfast buffet at the Crowne. He explained to me that it was the best. Breakfast. Ever. It’s safe to say, folks, that I was super jealous of him!

Who else forgot about a crucial meal of the day? Who now is hurriedly planning one, haha!

Up next: the girls get all glammed up.


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