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Busy, busy, busy

11 Mar

My title is so very original.

Anywho – hello gang! 🙂 GP and I have been hurrying around, trying to move from one house to another. We’ve ultimately decided to move into my parents’ house and we’ve been flat out moving things to and fro with the help of my dad’s ute. It’s been exhausting, but if I haven’t lost a great amount of weight after this, I’m gonna be pissed! (no, not really, but still – so much to-and-fro-ing and heavy lifting). GP and I have started a healthy-living regime, which means daily walks, copious amounts of water, and portion eating. We’ll be joining a gym soon enough 🙂

I’ve lost some weight (not enough that I’m happy, but it’s a slow, steady journey). GP’s lost HEAPS of weight, and I’m so proud of him (albeit a little bit jealous!).

As for wedding stuff, that’s currently on hold. Although exciting news might still be on the horizon with our photographers!

Wish us both luck! 🙂

Happy New Year!!

7 Jan

First off, I’d like to wish all of my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🙂

Mine was spent with family and my fantastic-as-heck fiance ❤ It was GP’s first time in the city celebrating the New Years and watching the fireworks. He really enjoyed it (but that could’ve also been because we had Brazillian churrasco). It’s been a week exactly since then and GP’s back at work. I’m trying to get things moving along academically (I want to get into an Honours degree), so I’ve been researching like heck.

The weather is being disagreable.

It’s been swaying between hot and cold and that’s affected my health. I got the flu on the Friday night and, on Saturday, I was so terrible I couldn’t get up. Which was a huge bummer because I wanted to take GP to Taronga Zoo (and the sisters too – my little sister and ‘junior’ bridemaid was really looking forward to it too!). On Sunday I was feeling slightly better, but I was still feeling rundown. I was out with GP and my family all day, so I wasn’t in the best of moods.

I felt sorry for GP – he got the brunt of my attitude. I don’t know how he handles me so well, but he does.

And now it’s Monday! GP’s been doing work-stuffs and I’ve been sorting out my Honours stuff and trying to get over this stupid flu. My throat is getting better, but I’m still congested and suffer from dry-throat. Otherwise, it’s been rather quiet on our end.

We’ve got about one year to go until the wedding, giving us a lot of time to plan. We’ve been called organised since we’ve booked the ‘essential’ wedding things already, but we’re still trying to find cheaper ways to do things for the wedding. We’re also a little bit anxious about our guest list, because my parents are inviting more people than they originally intended on. They’re also refusing to budge on cutting the list and have stated that ‘some people can sit outside’ (which… they can’t). I’m hoping it’ll smooth out once invitations are sent, but only time can tell.

Other than that, we’re trying to sort out ideas for wedding favours, have a potential wedding band on the rise, and we’ll be attending a friends’ wedding in New Zealand very soon!

All very exciting things!! 🙂


A hectic weekend!

15 Aug

Hey all!

So, the in-laws have left for Brisbane yesterday, which means life resumes back to its normal routine. The weekend was hectic but awesome. On Friday we ate at an Italian restaurant, “Gemelle Ristorante“. To all those who live in Australia, specifically NSW, I recommend you visit the place. The food is DIVINE. The dessert is DIVINE. The service is excellent and the ambience is beautiful. Parking isn’t too hard to find (there’s parking just down the road and a parking lot right next door).

On Saturday, GP, the in-laws and I went out shopping, first going to the Liverpool markets. After eating a bunch of awesome stuff we then jetted off to Cabramatta to pick up the cake (this will come in later!) and show the in-laws around. I took GP’s momma to look at flowers and was glad to find she loved them. Both papa-P and momma-P enjoyed the ‘Pappa Roti’ buns and milkshakes too. We then jetted off to my parent’s place for the *insert fanfare* ENGAGAMENT PARTY!

The engagement part was a success, something which made me extremely happy. The food was awesome, the entertainment was awesome, the drinks kept flowing and I got to see friends who I hadn’t seen in so long. I was also extremely happy to find that everyone enjoyed the cake my ma and I picked out. It was a white sponge cake with taro filling and fresh fruit on top. They all enjoyed it, even those who don’t normally eat Asian-flavoured cakes. I don’t have many photos from the night but it was a great night and I wouldn’t have changed it any other way.

That brings us to Sunday. My parents, GP’s parents, GP and I headed up to the Hunter Valley. That’s where we want to hold our wedding and we had a look around at different venues. We also bought some bottles of wine, cheese and visited the Hunter Valley Chocolate shop to ask about chocolate favours! Overall it was an awesome day and the weather stayed nice and warm throughout most of the day (with some wind, but not much). We’ve wittled down our venue choices to the Tamburlaine Organic Winery and Mercure Hunter Valley Resort. Both are absolutely stunning! That night we went to a Chinese restaurant known as “The Eight“. Their steak with foie gras is SO GOOD. They also do an ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS Peking duck. It was the parent-in-laws’ (elect) first time eating Peking duck and they loved it, which made my papa really happy.

On Monday, I worked in the morning so I didn’t get to hang out with GP and his parents at the Parramatta shopping centre, but I met them there and we headed off to my parents’ place for some traditional Indonesian sate (satay). It was a relaxing, awesome post-engagement lunch. After spending a few hours there we headed back home for a movie (John Carter – a must watch!) and then headed off to dinner at Top Ryde – an awesome steak bistro called Hurricane’s. After a huge dinner (I was so incredibly full!) we headed back home and went to bed.

Finally, on Tuesday, papa-P and momma-P left for Brisbane for the rest of their holiday. Unfortunately, GP left for Adelaide that night, so I’ve been staying with my parents for the meantime. But the weekend was awesome! 🙂

It’s been a while…

9 Aug

Hello readers!

First off, I’d like to sincerely apologise for the long absence. It’s been pretty hectic here. University started… two weeks ago (I think) and work started last week for me. Add to this the in-laws coming (this Friday!), wedding planning and the fiance going back and forth between Sydney and Adelaide, and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve been attempting to clean up the house (and not going too bad) as well as do my university work and pre-work work stuff.

So what have I also done in terms of wedding planning/ideas? Well:

  • I got a package in the mail. Will not divulge what said package is, but I was uber excited!
  • I’ve been trying to wear my shoes in so that they’re comfortable when it comes time for me to officially wear them. The outer edges of the leather are a little pinchy but overall, they are s-h-m-i-c-k~!
  • I’ve sketched out dress ideas for both myself and my bridesmaids. I’m super excited to send these off to the wonderful Mandy Heng who I’m communicating with to make my dresses (her shop is called Mandy Heng Designs – go there, you will not be disappointed).
  • I think I may have found the song. Will update once I’ve let GP hear it out…
  • We (my family, me, GP and two of my bridesmaids) went to an expo on Sunday. It was awesome. We got ideas. I got free stuff. YAY!
  • My dad had a heart-to-heart with me regarding the wedding. I got super emotional. It was then followed by him excitedly announcing that he had ideas for bombonieres (wedding favours). It was cute. AND he gave me ideas. GENIUS.
  • I’ve been compiling a list of MUST PLAY songs for the wedding. It’s getting longer by the day.
  • We’re FINALLY (finallyfinallyfinallyfinally) having the Sydney-based engagement party. It’s going to be small, inexpensive and intimate. BOOYEAH.
  • I’ve (finally) started (or should I say, re-started) my fitness regime. I am terribly unfit. BOO. Plus side, we’re finally starting Lite n Easy. YAY.

And that is all so far. I will update you, in detail, if/when I can. This weekend is going to be HECTIC.

Let’s take a small break…

26 Jul

Hello all,

I’m taking a small break from wedding planning to say one thing:


The fiance and I are listening to the Broadway recording of the Greenday musical and it’s (excuse the French) F*CKING FANTASTIC. It’s musical bliss to my ears! I want to go to New York now…

Ok – nerdgasm over.

Also – I looked at all of my results for my Masters course and I’ve got an HD for ALL of my subjects. I’m not usually one to toot my own horn but… I am quite proud of myself. Then again, I turn into a neurotic with neurosis to the neurotic max when assessment times come around. Even ask GP – I become a stressful mess. I literally can only think about my assignments.

Then again, I think that applies to me and the wedding on a much bigger scale…

DAMNIT. There I go with the wedding again…