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13 Feb

My title is so original.

So I was surfing the interwebs yesterday and found two websites that sell REALLY PRETTY PARASOLS. They are:




They both sell BEAUTIFUL parasols – lace, rainproof, and oriental (paper). I’ve been thinking of giving my bridesmaids parasols in lieu of flowers on the day because they’d make awesome photos. But I never really thought to get a parasol myself. I’m thinking about it now, and a parasol would look stunning in photos, especially of the lace or Monk variety.

Like this for example! (Image (c) A Bit Shady)

Like this for example! (Image (c) A Bit Shady)

Now I have to draw up comparisons charts so I can either, a) convince myself that buying a parasol is TOTALLY WORTH IT, or b) get blown away by the extra moola and say HELL TO THE NAH to a parasol for myself.


I hate decisions.