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Shopping with my mum!

4 May

Hey guys!

So last weekend we went to the city, and I showed GP around 🙂 We went to the Sydney Centrepoint (or as it’s called now, the “Sydney Eye”) after a deeelicious lunch at Jones the Grocer (I do recommend it, wholly). This was then followed by a trip to the Sydney Aquarium and a jaunt through Madame Tussaud’s Sydney (I have no idea how to spell that – oh hey, apparently I spelt it correctly!). All-in-all it was a fantastic day, and I’m glad I could show GP some of the awesome parts of Sydney 🙂

I also managed to find bridal accessories!

If you recall in the last post, I’ve been trying to find things to wear for the wedding. Well, on the way back from dinner (at Grill’d – also recommended) we decided to look at a little shop called Lovisa (http://www.lovisa.com.au/). They were having a sale – “Buy 3, For 2” – which hilariously my dad read as “Buy 3 products for $2”. I remember doing that during a sale at a similar store, so I’m not surprised my dad thought that, but it was funny nonetheless.

Anyway, my ma and I browsed the shelves as my pa, my fiancé and my little sister lingered outside. My ma and I found a few things that looked very bridal-y, but as I was intending on wearing ruby earrings and a ruby pendant necklace, I refrained from buying anything (at first). The I spotted a gorgeous hair comb. I can’t find it on the website, but it was PERFECT. A motif throughout the wedding is the cherry blossom, and this comb was basically that – a crystal cherry blossom. I fell in loooooooooove.

It was that comb that also made my ma remember that she had a silver necklace – which she could let me borrow. That did change my ruby idea, but it gave me an excuse to look for earrings. I bought crystal drop chandelier earrings and my ma bought herself a very nice looking vanilla enamel cuff bracelet.

Happy with our purchases, we exited and went back home.

My ma showed me the necklace she was talking about and we compared the accessories. They looked so awesomely coordinated and pretty.

Guys, I am super excited to wear these! I’m just wondering if I should get a bracelet to go with, or forego it.

What do you think?

Musing Bridal Accessories…

19 Apr

Hello blogging world

Life is pretty hectic here but I’m managing to stay on top of everything. I’m hoping I can get everything I want to achieve this year, including the wedding and weight loss! I’m actually noticing (slight) changes in my body, but not enough for people to stop and be all “Wow, you’ve lost weight!”. That’s my fiancé (lucky duck!).

On wedding-related news, I’ve been pondering over bridal accessories. I’ll be having a veil, but I don’t intend on wearing the thing for the whole day. I’m probably going to nix it for something low-key for the reception, like a hair accessory. My only issue is what the heck am I going to wear!?

I’ve been throwing up between buying something from Etsy which is cherry-blossom inspired, but the thing is, they’re from America and possibly expensive… so maybe I should try to buy something onshore… but where?

All the shops I’ve found in Australia have gorgeous accessories, but I’m a poor student and I can’t afford it…

And then I found this place.

Their accessories are ah-mazing and also – soft and fluffy (I’ve been to a pop-up stand… I felt their stuff… I wanted to buy but was poor at the time, boo). Also, you can custom-make for your own wedding. They won’t go to drastic lengths to change their original products, but I’m sure I can find something that will just fit with the whole vintage-geeky-vineyard-hodgepodge theme.

I dunno guys… what do you think? Should I go for it?