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A Layer of Tulle

17 Feb

Hi hive! In my last post, I recounted the different options available for veils. So with so much to know and to think about, what did I end up choosing?

As I researched my options, I drew some conclusions:

  • I preferred raw, beaded, or lace edgings – beaded and lace were pretty, but expensive, so I was leaning more toward raw.
  • I looooved a long veil, but the train on my dress was already very long, so that meant an elbow-length veil would work best for me. Elbow lengths fall down in a way that don’t make me look short on my already-petite frame but still gave that flowing look I fancied. Also, elbow lengths were significantly cheaper.
  • I preferred a veil that didn’t go over my face, like the single-tier. Mr Big didn’t like the idea of having my face covered during the ceremony (“But then I can’t really see you face!” – he’s so cute <3) and the one time I was made to wear a two-tier veil, it kept brushing up against parts of my face and itching. Blugh.
  • If I absolutely, categorically had to wear the veil over my face, I preferred either the circular/cascading or square styles because, more-than-one-tier-veils = poufy.

And so, with these criteria, I searched around for some veils that caught my fancy. I remember coming across this and gasping audibly:

alisa brides veil

Perfection. / Veil and image from Alisa Brides.

It had everything I wanted in a veil: raw edge, lace appliques, single-tier, and elbow-length. However, I just wasn’t comfortable with the price. Alisa does beautiful veils, has great customer service, and will go out of her way to make any bride happy, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. And so I kept searching.

I then came across this beauty:

juliet cap_sibo designs

Veil and image from Sibo Designs.

Again, this had everything I wanted. But again, the price was just much too high.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, this girl turned to Mandy.

When I suggested the veil idea to Mandy, we brainstormed. Initially, she was going to make me a Grace Kelly-esque veil – a drop veil with lace trim – but then she came across this:


Veil and image taken from Lilli Marcs.

Upon seeing this beauty, and knowing my dress as well as she does, she sent me a message, stating that it would suit my dress. I was smitten. It had the lace, the drape, and the simplicity of the raw edge. And most of all, it wouldn’t be going over my face. After my dress got underway, Mandy then helped me design my veil:

veil_preparing the lace

Preparing the lace on my veil. Wow, ignore the creeper expression in that third photo guys… / Images taken by BM Cupcakes.

During the third fitting, Mandy draped lace over my head, measured, trimmed and overlaid the lace. After asking me a few questions, she told me that it’d be prepared for the next time I came in.

When I came in next, Mandy placed the veil on me.


Close up of the lace on my veil and my veil from behind. / Photos via BM Superhero.


“Don’t mind me… just admiring myself in the mirror.” / Photo via BM Superhero.

I remember twirling around in it and just being an overall dillweed. It was safe to say that I absolutely loved my veil. In the end, I was so happy that Mama Bighorn convinced me to have a veil at the wedding. She was a little bit peeved that I wasn’t having a blusher at first, but on the day, she was so full of joy (much like I was).

And fact? I’m still in love with my veil.

Who else got talked into using something which they were initially against? Who ended up loving it to bits, and bits, and bits?