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Takin’ Love by the Horns: Champers, Cubes, and Camera Snaps

14 Oct

Our bridal party and bridal couple photographs were spread out over two locations: the Hunter Valley Gardens and the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Resort. I don’t want to mix things up (since something else happened between these two locations) so I’m going to do it ‘in order’ so as not to muddle up the goings-on of the day.

Once the ceremonies were over, and all the guests had dispersed, the bridal party, photographers, and videographers settled into the Oriental Pagoda for lunch, champers, and this:


Yes guys, GM Xboy blew up our inflatable companion cube (of the game Portal). He did it all by himself. We were actually very impressed.

Lunch consisted of sandwiches, alcohol, soda, and water. But mostly, our photographers kept Mr Big and I classy:



My bridesmaids also touched me up a little:



Aren’t they wonderful?

After that was all said and done, we decided we’d best spend the two hours of photography that came with the ceremonies and take overly romantic photos.

So we did (not really):




To be honest guys, most of our romantic photos came after the bridal party photos. And our bridal party photos were awesome:



Words cannot describe how much I LOVE this photo.

I took a picture with each of the girls:


Mrs Big + MoH M&Ms


Mrs Big + BM Proper


Mrs Big + BM Superhero


Mrs Big + BM Cupcake


Mrs Big + Groom’s Homie Oddball (my little sister, 10 years my junior if you can believe it)

And Mr Big took a picture with each of his guys:


Mr Big + BMan Hunter


Mr Big + GM Xboy


Mr Big + GM The Flash


Mr Big + GM NB


“I may be an a-hole, but I’m not 100% a dick.” = Mr Big’s response to ‘Why are you being a dick to GM Iron in this photo?’

After our bridal party photos, it was then time for the bridal party to go away and leave Mr Big and I to make out take lovely bridal couple photos. And if you’re wondering guys, yes, that waterfall in the background of these photos is the one we had just previously been pronounced as husband and wife. Isn’t it lovely?

Next up, Mr Big + Mrs Big = PDA.

[All photos by the fabulous Studio Something Photography.]


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Colour me hair-spired + some exciting news!

4 Sep

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to post some inspiration pictures about both my hair and makeup. I’m not, at all, worried about GP seeing me in my bridal hair and makeup, although if I get offered to have it changed up so that GP doesn’t see it, I’d be happy to oblige!

But moving on from that, here are some hair inspiration pictures that I thought would look good for my ‘bridal look’:

bridal hair inspiration

All the hair-spiration! // Images from (1) Instagram / (2) bellethemagazine.com / (3) weddingbells.ca / (4) bridalmusings.com / (5) beautifulbridalmakeup.blogspot / (6) lover.ly

Before I move on to what I finally settled on, I should mention that I went through several ideas before settling. First, I wanted a ‘half-up-half-down’ look. The main reason for this was because I didn’t want to look too dissimilar to my ‘everyday’ look – I either (well, used to!) wear my hair in a half-up-do or not at all. But then, I got to thinking that I should maybe have a low updo – because it’s more ‘bridal’ and I don’t have to pile it ON TOP of my head (which is what I hated most about updos). I could wear it low, messy and still look like me, especially as I’ve been wearing my hair up more lately. And then finally, I thought that maybe I should attempt to compromise between the two.

After perusing through my Pinterest board, I’m thinking a 2-for-1 hairstyle would be my best bet. What’s a 2-for-1 hairstyle? Well, it’s something like this:

Bridal Hair - Up to Down

2-for-1 – going from up and polished in the morning, to down and relaxed in the evening. // Image from abuttercreamwedding.wordpress.com

So, what does that mean for me? Well, during the morning, my hair will be in a low bun, a la these beauties:

bridal hair_low updos

Low buns! // Images from (1) indulgy.com / (2) weddingbee.com / (3) asianweddingideas.co.uk / (4) threadandlaces.co.uk / (5) weddingomania.com / (6) runbriderun.com / (7) jenastyles.com / (8) takadanama.com

And then going into something more flowy or loose, like these ones:

brida hair_down

Pretty and relaxed // Images from (1) indulgy.com / (2) tulleandchantilly.com / (3) infashionizta.com / (4) imgfave.com / (5) hairstylesformenwomen.com / (6) theknot.com

I’m still not 100% on the particulars (for example, what kind of ‘down’ hairstyle do I want – side-braid? Vintage-type Belle-of-Beauty-and-the-Beast-esque?). I guess I’ll find out on Sunday when I go for my trial! 🙂

Now, moving on to exciting news! (Which is more exciting for me… and probably useless to anyone else…)

Our cake topper has been blogged! If you’d like to see the blog posts, they can be found at Garden Ninja Studios’ blogs, here Gardenninja.com and here http://gardenninjastudios.blogspot.com/2013/09/weighted-companion-cake-topper.html. You can see better quality pictures than the darkly-lit ones I put up last time 🙂

Also, I won A DOUBLE PASS to only the most AWESOME bridal expo in Sydney, the One Fine Day Wedding Fair. I’m a little bit apprehensive, ’cause I emailed them and haven’t heard a return. Then again, they stated to give them 48 hours to reply. I’m assuming they get mighty busy, especially as it’s two more weeks until the expo!

So, that’s the end of my news. Told you it wasn’t too exciting.

The next time I write a post, I’ll be in the Hunter Valley (who knows if I’ll even be able to write one!).

Finding “The One”…

26 May

The One Cake Topper, that is!

I know, I’m so mean with all these oblique wedding dress references.

Recently, GP and I went and saw our now-booked cake decorator/baker, Melissa Rose, or Melrose Cakes. We loved her personality, thought her son was ADORABLE, and finally booked her. We can’t wait to om-nom on her cakes at the wedding and just KNOW our guests will love what she does. She has 21 flavours!

Yes, TWENTY-ONE flavours!!

They all sound DELICIOUS and, since we’ll be having cupcakes, we can choose up to about 8 flavours. But… we’ll be limiting it to five because we know 8 is a little bit excessive… We also get a top cake for cutting and we both already know what flavour we want for that one. Anyway, on to the point of the whole post. During out chit-chat session with Mel, she asked us about our cake topper. I’m sure I mentioned our idea for our cake topper in this post. We wanted a quirky cake topper and INITIALLY wanted us fighting ZOMBIES, a la this cake topper, right here:

Killing zombies with the love of your life. If this isn’t true love, I dunno what is! (Image (c) Garden Ninja Studios)

However, BM Superhero pointed us to this cake topper, called “A Kiss and We’re Off”, stating that it reminded her of GP and I:

Aww! So cute! (Image (c) http://www.weddingstar.com.au

Now, GP is about 6’0″ tall, which is apparently considered “average” for a man. However, I’m ONE FOOT SHORTER THAN HIM. Yes, folks, I am 5’0″. And so this cake topper… it just FITS us. I LOVE smooching my man, he loves my height, and the cake topper has just got so much love and personality oozing out of it. Unfortunately, it’s so very ‘generic’ for us.

We wanted to inject more of OUR personality into it. That’s what I suggested having the bride on a Companion Cube.

Now, what’s a Companion Cube, I hear you asking. Well, folks it is this:

Isn’t it CUTE!? (Image (c) Portal and the meme maker)

The Companion Cube has it’s roots from the game Portal, which is basically a FPS (first-person shooter, for those non-gaming folks), but without the S. More correctly, Portal is a FPP, a first-person puzzler. You see, in the game you play as the silent Chell, a girl trapped in Aperture Science Laboratories. She’s given a Portal gun which, coincidently, makes portals. The goal is to make you way through the puzzles thrown at you using the Portal gun. During your trials you come across the Companion Cube, a cube which assists you during your puzzles because it can be used as a counterweight to ensure buttons are pressed.

I loved watching games being played when I was younger (and still do, to this day) but my first game that I PLAYED was Portal, which was introduced to me by the one-and-the-only GP.

I LOVE Portal, and I love that GP introduced me to it, so it’s a SIGNIFICANT part of our relationship. And so, having the Companion Cube as part of the cake topper was PERFECT.

Unfortunately, we have to FIND a person who can make it.

Enter Garden Ninja Studios.

Drew Olds makes geeky cake toppers, including the zombie one from above. After much hemming and hawing, GP and I both decided we should ask for his assistance on our Portal idea. I gave him the details and he responded the next day. The news wasn’t entirely bad, but it wasn’t really good either. You see, because the “A Kiss and We’re Off” cake topper was made of porcelain, we wouldn’t be able to change the hair and clothes. The colours would be fine to change though. I ran this by GP and he was a little hesitant on the whole thing because he wants the topper to be ‘us’.

So after some back-and-forthing with Drew, I’ve since found another cake topper which may just fit. This is the cake topper:

I’m really hoping Drew comes back with a positive, but we shall have to wait and see since it’s Saturday in America and he probably won’t check his email until Tuesday Australian-time. Wish us both luck on that front!