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Takin’ Love by the Horns: ‘Ramming’ it all in

14 Mar

[That title sounds dirty. Snicker, snicker.]

Although we got married on a glorious Sunday in the Hunter Valley, guests started arriving on Wednesday. The first of these was FBIL Muso, Mr Big’s brother, who we picked up from the airport. Later that day, six members of my family from Indonesia arrived. That night was spent in relative quiet – I did some thank you cards for our attendants, bridal party members and parents…


Screenshot from Photoshop. Obviously not the completed thank you cards, but the template.

Mr Big finished off some major projects…

Last-Minute projects

Mr Big’s status update when he completed said project. Also, he is a big fan of Will Ferrell.

And FBIL Muso got to know my family a little bit more. This included going through Papa Bighorn’s massive band equipment inventory and ensuring they had everything absolutely necessary for the wedding.

By this point, I had boxed up everything in containers to take up to the Hunter Valley…


Case in point. Place cards boxed and ready to go!

And made myself an inventory list to ensure I remembered everything.


A printscreen of the list. That list was 6 pages long. And for some reason my laptop has decided that it wants to keep an invisible box on the screen. Stupid laptop.

I felt calm and prepared. Mr Big was just finishing off another last-minute project (poor guy was swamped with work up until that point), so I helped him out. We finished off the project that night and then hit the hay.

It was Thursday when everything became a hectic blur.

Waking up early, Mr Big and I began zipping around like crazy people to ensure we had everything all packed up and ready. MoH M&Ms and her boyfie, The Don, were supposed to arrive early that day, before 10:30AM, but had slept in. That pushed back the departure time for my parents, and did sort of annoy me, but Mr Big and I made the executive decision that, to hell with it, we needed to be up in the Hunter relatively early to ensure that everything was packed away in the reception space and ready for go-time.

We had a lot to pack. I wish I could show you images, but hive, it was so hectic. We did, however, manage to fit about 85% of our crap in two cars – Mr Big’s second love-of-his-life, Zoe (his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) and my father’s old Mazda. Between those two cars we managed to fit:

  • ALL of the band gear, including amps and two keyboards
  • Basically everything for the ceremony
  • About 90% of the reception stuff

My wedding dress and veil, and the card box and chocolates were to be brought up by my parents. In the meantime, FBIL Muso, Groom’s Homie Oddball, I and Mr Big headed up to the Hunter Valley to check into the hotel, head to the reception hall, and start setting up.


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First DIY Project!

2 Apr

Hello all!

I mentioned in an earlier post how I was planning a whole bunch of DIY-ish projects. Well, we started one yesterday!

This project is for the reception, and involves us cutting wine bottles using a bottle cutter specially designed for cutting bottles (it’s got knobs to adjust for heights and everything!). We bought  it for $40 from an Australian website (http://www.etchingindustries.com.au/g2-bottle-cutter/ – the G2 bottle cutter!). The bottle themselves were provided by the lovely Lou from Tamburlaine, our wedding reception coordinator. She’s been so awesome throughout the process, and providing us with bottles has saved us SO much time!

As for the project itself, we’d been putting it off for some time, but because Monday was our “stay at home and be lazy mofos” day, I got restless.

Seriously restless!

I asked if GP wanted to try cutting a few bottles to make sure our DIY project would work. So we started with two bottles – the Sparkling Scarlett Bubbles bottle and Verdelho bottles from Tamburlaine Organic Wines.

It was a failure.

Let me explain…

A few weeks prior, I had removed the labels by soaking the bottles in a bucket for a few hours and then carefully peeling. The Scarlett Bubbles’ labels were difficult to peel (I had to use a scraper to get it all off), but the Verdelho bottle just peeled right off beautifully. I was happy and thought that this might not be as hard as I initially thought.

Now skip ahead a few weeks to yesterday night.

After the labels were soaked, peeled and gone, we used the bottle cutter to etch a line over the base of the bottle where we wanted it to detach. This is a lot easier then it sounds. All it requires is some gentle pressure and a steady hand. GP was able to etch two relatively thin lines in the bottle (although he made the lines slightly thick because of “re-etching” – i.e. going over the already etched lines. We later learnt that a thinner line makes it a lot easier to detach).

After we etched the lines we got two big bowls – a bowl filled with boiling water from the kettle, and a bowl filled with iced water. We then began dunking each into the water baths, making sure to keep them in there for 5-10 seconds each dunk. Our first effort was a complete disaster. The Verdelho broke off but was crooked, and the Scarlett Bubbles didn’t even budge.

Disappointed, we decided we’d try again, but this time only with the Verdelho bottles.

This time I did most of the etch (one solid, thin line from start to finish, except for one bottle which I thought I hadn’t etched) and GP did the dunking into the water baths. This time we used a pot over a stove fire on a low simmer to keep the water at boiling point. We kept the ice water bowl.

And it was perfect!

Let me show you a picture! 🙂

wine bottle centrepiece candle holder

It’s a little hard to see on the image, but the glass was smooth all the way around. We’re going to sand down the glass just in case because we don’t want any unwanted little fragments ruining our night and our project. But overall, the bottle were perfectly detached!

All in all, we’re both super stoked that it worked! I’ve soaked and de-labelled four more Verdelho bottles and we also want to attempt the Bubbles bottle again with our new technique.

Wish us luck!

E x


1 Mar

Hey guys,

I apologise for the post last night. I had actually typed out an ENTIRE post, but WordPress decided it didn’t like that idea. Hence it posted only three words and hadn’t saved ANYTHING I had previously typed. I swear if it does it again, I will KILL it.

Moving on, last night I couldn’t sleep and typed up an entire post explaining why.

Basically, GP and I had met our soon-to-be celebrant, Jenny Egan. She was awesome, and so super friendly! She gave us a lowdown of what we would expect leading up to the wedding in terms of legal papers and stuff, and also gave us a HUGE book for us to look through so we could tailor package our own ceremony. She also got to know us more as a couple and two individuals, which was just so nice of her.

My excitement on finding a celebrant for our wedding was also coupled with the fact that I had DIY ideas for the wedding. I’m not too sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but we have a couple of DIY ideas in mind. These are:

a) Making a wooden (less-than-three) [<3] stand for the front to sit between the letters G and E (or E and G, depending on where we’re sitting). This project has somewhat stalled and, once we’ve moved in with my parents, might get a little bit harder to do because they don’t have a shed to work in.

2) Making our own wine bottle candleholders for the wedding. We’ve tried it using just a glass cutter with no clamping attachment for the bottle and we found it rolled. A lot. So we’re thinking of getting a professional wine-bottle cutter (which is only about $AU40). We intend on cutting about 70 (that’s right, 70) bottles. They’ll be relatively smooth so we won’t need to sand them down. To make sure there’s no burn hazard from hot glass, we’ll be using LED tealight candles for the ambient lighting

d) DIY coathangers. This project is all mine, because GP has no interest on making special coathangers for his guys. I’ve got three ideas in mind regarding this project which are:

(i) binding ribbon of certain colours to the top of the hanger depending on the role the owner of said hanger plays (i.e. white for the bride, blue for the bridesmaids, darker blue for the maid-of-honour, red for my ma, and pink for my [future] ma-in-law)
(ii) putting initials on the surface of the hanger with hot glue and pretty fabric/paper/something-which-will-stick-to-wood
(iii) covering the hangers in ribbon ala http://www.ehow.com/how_2177593_padded-ribbon-coat-hangers.html

SO… those are the DIY projects. We haven’t really started on any of them. The only DIY project we’ve completed are the invitations, and that was more a half-DIY project. I’ll talk more on the invitations soon 🙂

For now, I go!