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We interrupt your (semi-)regularly programmed schedule…

13 Apr

Hello hive!

I know: GASP, she’s posted three in a row? This is the FOURTH!?

But I’m here to tell you that, today, Mr Big and myself will finally be embarking on our long-awaited honeymoon! I literally just turned 26 (April 11!), so you can say it’s a honeymoon/birthday! By the time you guys read this, I’ll most likely be on the Pacific Ocean, cruisin’ along with the husband.

We’re both super excited, and also, I’m a little bit nervous! This is the LONGEST trip I’ll have been on, since we’re not just cruisin’ to North America, but we’ll be hopping around the US as well, visiting friends and checkin’ out Disneyworld the sights.

So with that said, hive, I’ll be back mid-year (June-ish!) and I’ll finish off my recaps! Hopefully I can write them up while I’m away.

For now, I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo:


Be seeing you when I get back!

-Mrs Bighorn Sheep.

[All photos by Studio Something, unless otherwise stated.]

And just in case anyone needs a catch up…

This is MADNESS!

7 Jul


Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get a little serious. I’m currently in the middle of anxiously awaiting a reply from my Course Convener regarding my studies. And before people ask, it’s ok…

I passed both of my subjects from this semester. 🙂

(As a sidenote, GP is very proud – he gloats that I’m a “smart-wo-MAN” (emphasis on the man – I love this guy).)

The reason why I’m anxious is because I only just realised that the subject I WANTED to do this Semester (Qualitative/Quantitative Research) needs two pre-requisite subjects in order to enrol. These two are: 1) Statistics for Social Research, and 2) Contemporary Perspectives on Crime. Now… I’ve done the first subject and passed with a HD (yayz!). BUT, I haven’t done the second one.

Insert freaking out here.

Why am I freaking out? Well, if I have to do Contemporary Perspectives this semester, I have to do Qual/Quan Research NEXT semester. In 2014. The year I’m getting married. Which means I’m in Australia for the next 6 months next year.

You guys are probably thinking: “Uh… yeah, so what? Why is this in your wedding blog? What does THIS have to do with getting married?”

Well, it means GP and I have to push back our plans to go overseas for an extended period to June/July, instead of the intended March! Which means a later honeymoon and stress on both GP and my part. Not to mention, we really don’t want to remain in our current housing condition after the wedding, which means moving out and all the stress that comes with it…

HOWEVER, there is a silver lining!

You see, I need to do a total 120 credit points (CP) of subjects in order to pass my current course. As of right this second, I’ve done 100CP, so I only need 20CP more. In addition to this, my course requires me to do both a thesis AND coursework. Each thesis component (there are four of them) are worth 10CP. Which means, 4 thesis components = 40CP.

Everyone still following me?


Now, I’ve done 20CP out of 40CP. So I have another 20CP-worth of thesis components to do!

SO, I’m hoping that my course convener will tell me that I don’t need to do Contemporary Perspectives and Qual/Quan Research, and that all I need is 20CP more to complete the course. Which means, I have four months of JUST FOCUSING ON MY THESIS! WHOO!

That would WIN on so many levels.

Wish me luck guys!