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Part 3: The Invitation Breakdown – Pet Projects!

19 Dec

Finally, the last part of the invitations! I’m sorry it’s so long guys, but I hope this gives you some idea on how to go about giving your guests much-needed information for your destination wedding (or even for a local wedding!).

I hinted in my last post that we had two additional inserts: the Chinese tea ceremony insert, and the Map insert. These two were my pet projects.

The Chinese Tea Ceremony Insert

When we initially began thinking about the invitations, Mr Big mentioned that his Kiwi contingent wouldn’t know where to purchase red envelopes. We decided then, that we would include red envelopes in our invitation for those guests to use at the wedding.

We then had to consider how to tell guests about the Chinese Tea Ceremony. We would only be giving this particular insert to specific guests (mostly family and close friends) but how would we give it to them?

I then came up with an idea of inserting the insert into the red envelope, like a gold ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar (but maybe not as exciting as one…)!

First off, I had to measure the “standard” size of a red envelope:

red envelope measurements1

One of the red envelopes I received for Chinese New Year.

I sent this image to my Cousin Fre in Indonesia, who then bought a bunch of red envelopes for us measuring approximately what I had given: red envelopes

Meanwhile, I went to my handy-dandy Photoshop and constructed this:


The Chinese Tea Ceremony Insert.

It needed to fit inside the red envelope, but still be visible. In the end, I ended up with this:


I know you guys have seen this a BAJILLION times, but it’s the best picture I have!

Because the Chinese Tea Ceremony is often considered to be an event for family (and close friends) we were selective in our choosing for who received this particular insert. It worked out well, and those who received this “special invitation” were actually quite excited about the whole thing!

The Map Insert

Another pet project, this one came to me after I realised that our guest may need a map to get around the Hunter Valley. I was in Adelaide at the time and decided on a whim to break out my tablet, Photoshop and open up Google Maps when Mr Big was at work.

I was so gorramn focused on the whole thing that I didn’t take any progress pictures, but hive, if you’ve been on the Bee for a while, you know which tutorial to turn to for awesome maps. 🙂

In the end, I ended up with this:


Top picture, an overview of the Hunter Valley showing reception, ceremony and accommodation; and bottom picture, showing the Hunter Valley Gardens in all its hugeness. I forgot to take the border off the second map. Oops.

We printed them back-to-back and they were a success. Hopefully our guests bring them to the wedding to help them get around!

All-in-all, I’m super happy with how our invitations turned out. I know some of our guests have responded with positives (some people have even told me to start doing invitations for other people, hahah!).

What do you think Hive? Did anyone else have pet projects?

(All images personal.)

Part 1: The Invitation Breakdown – Outer Things!

17 Dec

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to “break down” the invitation we made, and I think it would be easiest to start from the outside. I know invitations aren’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but if you’re intending on DIY’ing your invitation and you like reading about them, then this may be one long sucker of a post about just that.

So without further ado, here’s the Bighorn invitation suite.

The Envelope

I mentioned previously that I couldn’t be arsed doing some fancy calligraphy on the invitations. Fair enough too, because a majority of our guests have either lost the invitation or just can’t be bothered referring to it. So I’m quite pleased that I didn’t spend eternity doing calligraphy. I also didn’t bother with “outer envelopes” because, 1) money, and 2) time.

Yeah, guys, I’m one of those people who aren’t very fussy on stationary.

As for what sort of envelope we chose, we had to choose from Cards & Pockets specifically because A7 envelopes don’t exist in Australia. We ended up choosing the A7 Envelope (5 ¼ x 7 ¼ Euro Flap) from Cards & Pockets in Gold.


The envelopes, stamped and addressed. Not censored, because the writing is tiny and the photo quality is crap!

They don’t look great in photos – at all. They look like those manila envelopes my university uses to post me back my assignments, hahah! But in person, they’re beautiful. They have this lovely sheen to it and the grain of the envelope is just awesome.

When these envelopes are opened up, you get…

The Pocketfold

As mentioned previously, we got our pocketfolds from Cards & Pockets. We loved the idea of giving our guests a package of information for them to peruse through, especially as a lot of our guests had never been to a destination wedding (and a lot of them are frightened of the prospect too).

In order to do this, we used the Signature Pocketfold from Cards & Pockets in Jupiter.

jupiter pocketfolds

The Signature Pocketfold in Jupiter.

It provided a beautiful backdrop for the invitations and inserts I had designed over Photoshop (with the help of my magnificent Friend A). When folded up, we fastened it with envelope seals from Vistaprint (which I got for relatively cheap with a voucher!).

censored outer pocketfold

Sorry for the censor guys!

I wanted to add a stamp of a cherry blossom tree, but couldn’t find anything that was both, 1) appropriate, and 2) affordable (uhm, $20+ for a stamp, no thanks). So I nixed the idea and decided to keep it simple.

Especially as, when opened up, the rest of the invitation was information heavy

The Main Invitation

We made sure out main invitation was the first thing the guests would see:


When the pocketfold is opened.

On the other side were our mini-essays (AKA inserts). We also placed a Chinese sticker on the base of the pocket to give it some character.

Our main invitation (obviously) has personal details, so I won’t share the original. I will, however, share the Weddingbee version I made!


The main invitation!

My Chinese heritage is playing a huge part in the planning of our wedding. So Mr Big and I wanted to pay homage to that in the invitations. I wasn’t too sure where to start, but then the idea of ‘cherry blossoms’ tickled my fancy. However, cherry blossoms are more Japanese then Chinese.

“Plum” blossoms  – which are white – are more Chinese oriented.

plum blossoms

Plum blossoms. / Image via Wikipedia.

However, I know that a lot of my traditional relatives would just about have a heart attack at a “white invitation” (for those who don’t know – white is the colour of death in Chinese culture), so I decided to stick with my guns and go with cherry blossoms.

In all honesty, it turned out beautiful and I’m glad I went with it! 🙂

We decided that, because our parents are contributing quite significantly with our wedding, we’d place them into the main invitation. We originally wanted to put individual names on the invitations, something Mr Big was a goer on, however, short of writing out the names on individual invitations before printing (which would’ve driven me and the people of Cards & Pockets insane), we decided against it.

I wanted to make it easier for guests to find the location on our map, so I put in a reference point. I’m not exactly sure how many people have actually used it (or will even be bringing the map with them!) but I thought it was a nice touch.

As usual, I ended with our wedding logo, which capped it off nicely.

And I think I’ll end it there before this post gets too long! I’ll talk to you more about the inserts in the next post! I also have two pet projects I want to tell you guys about.

Anyone else give their guests an “invitation essay”?

(All images personal unless otherwise stated.)

Invitations, begone!

14 Aug

On 13 March 2013, this box arrived at my parents’ house:


What could be in here, hm?

It was addressed to moi and was from Cards & Pockets. I put two-and-two together and gave an excited squee.

Our invitations had arrived! YAY!! Now you may be wondering, why on Earth did you get your invitations ready so early? Well, the reason behind this was simple – we had overseas guests who needed a fair amount of notice. I thought mid-year 2013 would have been a better time, but Mr Big was eager.

So invitation-ing we went!

When we opened up the box, we found all these goodies:


ALL THE THINGS. Ok, well not all. The Chinese stickers were from my family in Indonesia!

We assembled all of the inserts, pocketfolds, and envelopes with the red envelopes and the stickers, making sure everything was in order before assembly. And then an assembly line was formed with my Mama Bighorn, Papa Bighorn, Groom’s Homie Oddball, Mr Big and me.

family times_invitation

The Assembly Line, excluding me.


75% of the way through! Pocketfolds assembled.

It literally only took a weekend to assemble and by Monday, they were ready to be dispatched to their new homes.


Invitations all stamped and ready to be despatched!

Now, guys, I can’t say it was ALL happy endings, sunshine and butterflies for these babies. We got a few lost invitations which resulted in us having to send – DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUUUN – e-invites over email. I know it’s an etiquette faux pas, but frak it, we didn’t want to spend more money and risk more invitations getting lost in the mail (damn International and Australian post). It sucked when we found out that they had been lost in the mail, since Mr Big and I – not really having much skill with graphic design – were so FRAKKING PROUD of these babies.

Most of the invitations arrived at their destinations though! We got early RSVPs and are now running through the final RSVP details with everyone. It’s so exciting how close this thing is getting (and stressful, did I mention stressful?)

I’ll go into more details on the invitations and our RSVP rundown soon!

Anyone else send their invitations out insanely early? Or are the Bighorns just insane?

(All photos personal and taken on a crappy cell phone camera. Sorry hive!)