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Takin’ Love By the Horns: Girls Gettin’ Glammed

10 Apr

The morning started early, at about 5:30AM.

I woke up, brushed my teeth, and proceeded to ensure everything was in order. I was feeling great! Excitement was keeping most of my nerves at bay. After I had brushed my teeth, a knock on the door heralded the arrival of MIL Big. A few moments later, another knock on the door announced the arrival of BMs Proper, Cupcakes, and Superhero. By that point, MoH M&Ms, Groom’s Homie Oddball, and Mama Bighorn were also getting up. The excitement in the villa was palpable. About half an hour later, the fabulous ladies from Doubletake Makeup Artistry arrived and set up. There were two hair styling stations, and one makeup station.

They got the bridesmaids and the mother-ofs ready first:


BM Proper, in one of the hair-styling chairs.


Mama Bighorn, getting her lips on.

The photographers arrived at about 8AM, two or so hours after all the girls had gotten all prettied up, so there weren’t a lot of professional photos of people getting their glam on. I had more, but we won’t go into that (again).

There were a lot of these types though!



Papa Bighorn!



Side note: I loved my bouquet. It’s all dried now, and stored away. Still trying to figure out what to do with it though…

After the girls were ready, the makeup artists focused their attention on me.


With your help, hive, I settled on a side chignon. Want to see?


Little bit messy here (this was during the reception), but you get the gist.


I loved my hair and felt fabulous the entire day. I wish I could have that hair forever. So thank you hive, for helping me out. You guys are the BEST.

Up next: The boys get ready.

[All photos by Studio Something Photography.]


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Painting my face

5 Sep

Here I am, enjoying my cup o’joe –


Gratuitous showing-off from the BEST.CONCERT.EVER. / Personal image.

What’s that? Oh, why yes! Yes I did go to the P!nk concert last night, thankyou for asking!

(I’m such a show-off – but seriously, guys. P!nk is AMAZING! I totally recommend you GO TO HER CONCERT if you get the chance.)

Anyway – you guys might be wondering, why are you posting two days in a row? Well, I haven’t gone through makeup inspiration (for those interested). So, for those interested, here are some inspiration pictures.

The first set is what I call the “Bold Bridal Look”:


The Bold Bridal Look – bold lips and smoky eyes // Images from (1) glamattractions.tumblr.com / (2), (3), (4) doubletakemobilemakeup.com.au / (5) modelmayhem.com / (6) listal.com / (7) ko-te.com

FYI – looks 2, 3, and 4 were made by the people I’m hiring to do my makeup, Double Take Makeup Artistry. They’re a fabulous team!

As you can see from the looks above, it’s all about the bold lips, creating a sexy vixen-y pout. Add in the defined eyes and you’ve got a sexy, smouldering look. Personally, I love the bold lips – always have! – but I’ve been told that a bridal look should be more ‘natural’.

And I totally understand that, because the next looks are what I call the “Soft Natural Bridal Look”, and look stunning on these girls:

The Natural Soft Bridal Look - nude or pink lips, softly shadowed eyes // Images from (1) bananneliese.tumblr.com / (2) makeupbyjennyle.com / (3) mischievous.tv / (4), (7) frmheadtotoe.com / (5) roseannetangrs.com / (6) makeup by rubi - wedding makeup and hair / (8) shopruche.com / (9) entertainment.ie / (10) threadsandlaces.co.uk

The Natural Soft Bridal Look – nude or pink lips, softly shadowed eyes // Images from (1) bananneliese.tumblr.com / (2) makeupbyjennyle.com / (3) mischievous.tv / (4), (7) frmheadtotoe.com / (5) roseannetangrs.com / (6) makeup by rubi – wedding makeup and hair / (8) shopruche.com / (9) entertainment.ie / (10) threadsandlaces.co.uk

As an aside, can you see I put Zhang Zhi Yi in both groups (6 in the first group, 5 in the second) – she’s so pretty. I wished I looked like her. But going along with the aside, you can see the difference it makes with a fresh new palette of makeup and different hair. She looks different in both pictures (I even had to check that they were both Zhang Zhi Yi!).

So, with my thoughts of two minds, I decided that what I’d like to do is either have both on the day – one look in the morning and another at night – or I’d like to ask my MUA (makeup artist) to experiment with some looks. I also came across this pin on Pinterest which may prove useful:

2 wedding makeup looks

Another 2-for-1! // Image from statigr.com

We’ll see what looks both the MUA and the hair stylist comes up with. I’m excited!

I really should be working on my thesis…

7 Aug

Alternative Title: I am AWESOME at procrastinating!

So… I should be writing about political tactics and the influences of said tactics on workplace bullying… buuuuuut I can’t be bothered. Also, my brain has been on frantic-wedding-mode since Monday and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why! I was fine last week, working hard on my thesis and all, and then – POOF! – gone. No focus – no concentration.

It really sucks.

But it does mean I’m getting some wedding-related things out of the way.

For example, I’ve been putting off ‘ceremony wording’ for a while because I just didn’t want to peruse through the thick book of ceremonial suggestions. Yesterday, I buckled down and managed to write down our choices in cohesive order. It’s obviously not the whole ceremony, since that will be refined by our celebrant, but I’m happy to have gotten that out of the way. Now I just need GP to read through it, add his own revisions, answer some of the questions, and we can send it off to our celebrant.


I’ve also been going through some DIY projects. Mainly, the simplest of them – personalised coat hangers for the girls. All I needed was a black sharpie, graphite pencil, eraser, ribbon and a wooden hanger.


My makeup and hair trial is coming up this Sunday. I’ve tried changing it to Saturday, but the hair and makeup team I’m with are a little… late to reply to things. I might text or call them.

Otherwise, I haven’t done much and there isn’t much else to plan apart from the finer details which are more-or-less dependent on guest numbers and the like.

So yeah guys – I really should be working on my thesis…

Kiwi lady-readers, UNITE!

10 Jul

(Alternative Title: I’m flying on a jetplaaaaaaaaaane –)

In three days! EEE!! ❤ ❤ ❤

GP and I are headed to the land of the Kiwis (AKA New Zealand)!

We’ll be staying there for three weeks, where we’ll also be celebrating GP’s 30th birthday and our 3rd year dating anniversary. I’ll try to keep up with my weekly blogging while I’m over there. 🙂 We’ll be hanging out with friends, enjoying the company of GP’s family, and just chillaxing. We’ll still be working while over there (I do research and he does computer-related stuff – we can carry our work with us), but it means we can enjoy each other’s company. We haven’t really been able to just do that in a while, so I’m excited!

In two weeks or so, we’ll also be having our engagement shoot! YAY! We’ve already got our clothes chosen and I think we’re gonna look like sexy bitches!

Unfortunately, now I gotta figure out how to do my nails, hair and makeup while I’m over there. My nails are black and the polish is chipping (read: they look FUGLY) and my hair is currently highlighted with a vibrant red dye. I’m hoping the VIBRANCY will dim a little, but I’m ok with vibrant. As for my skin, it’s JUST clearing from having an oil meltdown.

In most situations, I’d just get my momma to do my hair and makeup since I FAIL at being a girl. But since we’ll be in NZ, I’ll have to consider either asking GP’s momma if she’ll be ok to help out OR *LE GASP* do it myself! Or maybe you Kiwi girls wanna help?

Seriously guys, me + makeup = train wreck. I also have no idea how to use a curling iron or blow dry properly.

(There’s also, you know… salons, but I’m cheap…).

As for nails, I’m thinking of just getting a manicure the day before or something… They’re like… $NZ20… so like… $AU15…. or something?

Any of my Kiwi readers able to help out with this dilemma?