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Fire bad. Tree pretty.

5 Dec

Hello all!

I’m in Adelaide at the moment. YAY! If you’re wondering why, it’s basically because GP is here for work. They wanted him in from Wednesday to Friday this week, and then Monday to Wednesday next.

“Why don’t you just stay the whole 8 days?” I asked. To which he replied by asking his business the same thing. This basically resulted in both of us making it a working holiday. We’ll be exploring Adelaide over the weekend, which will be fun.

Anyway – what is this post about?, I hear you asking.


The title is a reference from a show called Buffy and I am basically feeling like that. My brain is finding it hard to focus. I’m attempting to put in job applications while tweaking the invitations for our wedding. Because GP and I are trying to save money, we’re DIY-ing the invitations. Because our wedding is a mini-destination wedding, we need to include maps. And because we’re “oh-so-classy”, we don’t want to cut and paste a Google or Bing map onto our invitations.

So what did that result in?

Well, I’ve been making map tracings for about 3 hours now. My brain is tired and I could use a drink but I can’t be bothered going downstairs and buying a drink at the convenience store. This could be my tired brain talking, but I think the maps look kickass right now. I’ve only done a basic job with it, but it’s looking rather awesome. I just now need to be more specific – pinpointing specific locations on the map like the HVG, Tamburlaine and Crowne Plaza. That’ll be on a completely different map though, because the one I’ve made is a basic “overall map” of the relative location of Sydney and Hunter Valley.

I bet I’ve lost you all, but I’m sure once WordPress let’s me upload a picture I’ll show you guys. (And yes, it won’t let my upload my picture. ANNOYING.) Anywho.


I’m going to attempt the second half of this venture. Wish me luck guys!