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Takin’ Love by the Horns: We’re On Top of the World!

22 Jul

[I apologise for being absent guys! Mr Big and I just celebrated out halfiversary, and it’s been pretty hectic here! But I will get back to regularly posting.]

We exchanged rings, kissed, and generally loved up, but our ceremony wasn’t finished! As Mr Big and I looked at each other gleefully, Celebrant J signalled for the music to start, indicating the signing of the marriage documents.

I would now like to invite our witnesses, [BMan Hunter] and [MoH M&Ms], to join with us in signing the official marriage documents. Once these documents have been signed, Grant and Eileen will come back before you, where I will present them with their Certificate of Marriage, and officially introduce them to you.

Don’t worry folks, our guests (and wedding party) were chatting away while we did the all-important signing!


In the meantime, Mr Big and I were enjoying our newlywed status.


After that was all done, we took our places once more and Celebrant J continued:

Grant and Eileen, it gives me great pleasure to officially present to you, before your family and friends, your Certificate of Marriage. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.


Family and friends, Grant and Eileen are now joined together as Husband and Wife and so you, their families and friends, are also united through them. Their lives will be strengthened and enriched by the love and support you continue to give them.

Grant and Eileen, today you came here as individuals; now you leave as Husband and Wife. A new bond has been created and a new journey has just begun.


Continue to enjoy the happiness that a loving marriage brings and always keep sight of what has brought you here today; your love and respect for one another. Take the time to rediscover your love and friendship every day and rest securely in this love. May your family and friends be nurtured and enriched by your love for one another.

On behalf of everyone present, I wish you a fulfilling life ahead. Take care of each other along the way and be wonderfully happy!

Family and friends, I ask you now to join with me as we welcome for the very first time,

[Mr & Mrs Bighorn Sheep]!

Congratulations to you both!


After a quick smooch…


The recessional was under way!




Ending with pure goodness: HIGH FIVES!


And just like that, we were married! Then there was a reception, we partied, the end.

Just kidding! Next up, we pour tea and bow to our elders at the Chinese tea ceremony.

[All photos by the fantastic Studio Something.]


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