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One More ‘Til the Shindig

19 Dec

Ah, the one-month mark.

You see, I was hoping to put this sign up, and tell the Hive that the one-month mark isn’t as crazy as most almost-weds make it out to be:

keep calm_one month

Image taken from The Keep Calm-O-Matic.

Then I would be talking about the fact that we’ve got most things done, with only the bare minimum to go, and we’ll see soon be “project free”, with nothing but the days to worry us. And I’ll mention that I’m looking forward to the month going by quickly just so I can get married to the most amazing man in the world.

But, to be honest Hive, I’m freaking out (well, I was).

Mr Big has had work dump a whole lot of stuff on him (he’ll unfortunately have to work over the Christmas period) and we have a lot to do on the DIY front. We also need to hand our song list over to DJ Jeeves (our awesome DJ) and figure out how to place the posters for our ceremony (my coordinator unfortunately hasn’t gotten back to us). We’re still trying to figure out how to schlepp all the band equipment and wedding décor up there with three full cars of people (yes, guys, three full cars of people).

So instead, I’ll put this sign up:

panic_one month

Image taken from Sahil Patma’s Weblog.

However, apart from the logistical and DIY project stress, most of the other details have been sorted!

We’ve basically nailed down the major points on our day-of timeline; all of our official RSVPs have come in; I’ve assembled a contact list for all of the important people (vendors, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ourselves, parents, etc.); we’ve purchased basically all the décor and goods that we need for this shindig; I’ve either already confirmed or are in the midst of confirming times with our vendors; accommodation for all the guests have basically been booked; we’ve bought all the gifts; have all the suits and dresses in order (a part from one or two loose ends); and it’s all looking good.

Now it’s just the payments (which we’ve started on), getting the finer details on the timeline, polishing off the DIY projects, printing out all the place cards and posters, and finally.getting.married! (to the most amazing man in the world! <3)


Wish the Bighorns luck guys!