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Part 2, Of All the Love Stories: The “Inception” of Our Relationship

28 Sep

Last we left off, Mr Big and I had both signed up for OkCupid (OKC). While Mr Big was looking for a relationship, I wasn’t looking for anything. I was happy to be single and was focusing on my studies, and maybe even a career. My sole purpose to joining OKC was messing around on the “compatibility quizzes” on the website (I was a bit of quiz fanatic back then).

The abridged explanation of OKC’s “dating” system is basically this: you answer quizzes examining things about your life – your morals, values, likes, dislikes, personality, etc. – and then it grades your answers against others on the website. It then gives percentage compatibilities between yourself and a potential match.

When Mr Bighorn saw my profile, I was 95% compatible, living in Sydney, and most important of all (according to him!), not blonde. And so, he sent a message to me.

I had gotten previous messages from people all over Sydney, but no one really “interested” me. I was happy enough to communicate with these people, but never to really ‘date’ anyone. I got Mr Big’s message one evening while eating dinner. Curious, I sent one in return.

He then sent one almost 2 minutes after. We had a “private message” conversation and then moved it onto Microsoft Instant Messenger (MSN – oh the days!). We chatted regularly for about a month, from the mundane to the interesting. I liked him – he was funny, friendly, and cute.

Come July, a month or so after he had first contacted me, he wanted to meet up.

Cue freak out moment.

I had never really met anyone online before, so I was a little bit wary about the whole thing. After some avoidance from myself, and some prodding from him, I caved. I gave him a time and place and then, on July 25, a crisp Winter Sunday in 2010, we met for the first time in person at a café in my local shopping mall.

Our first lunch together was awesome. We chatted about everything and anything as we ate our meal. We then moved on to watch a movie at the local movie theatre. What was the first movie we watched together?


Inception! Image via mynewmovies.net

That’s right folks. Our first movie together was Inception. You could almost say that “Inception” was the inception of our relationship! (Mr Big told me to put that in.)

I still have the ticket stub from that day, framed and displayed on our “photo” shelf.


Our photo shelf, including the ticket stub from our first date <3. Personal image.

After the awesome movie, we exited, he gave me a big cuddle, and then we parted ways. Three days later, we went on our second date, and from then, we became pretty inseparable. And to think, if not for the bad things that have happened to Mr Bighorn and I (his ex-fiancée having called off the engagement and my Honours candidature coming to an abrupt end), we would never have met.

So what do you guys think? Dumb luck, fate, or both?

I can honestly say though, of all the love stories I’ve ever known, ours is my favourite.