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Takin’ Love by the Horns: Sending All My Love To You

2 Jul

In my last post I showed you guys our “ribbon-cutting ceremony”, where we blindfolded Mr Big. As this finished, our timetable told us that we needed to get to our civil ceremony at the Hunter Valley Gardens. While Mr Big and I were still at the villa, our guests had started to arrive.




Mr Big arrived a moment later, positioning himself with his groomsmen at the front of the aisle. We had music playing for our guests during this time – some which people may think are untraditional choices:



Meanwhile, at the villa, and already approximately 15 minutes late already, I was beginning to panic that we hadn’t left yet. Everyone and their mum assured me it was ok for the bride and groom to be a little bit late to their wedding, but Mr Big had already left and I was stuck waiting. At first, I felt bad inconveniencing our guests and vendors like this, but as it was culturally important, everyone assured me it would be ok.

But time was getting further and further away, and I was still at the villa.

Luckily for me, Papa and Mama Bighorn saw the look of absolute fear and anguish in my eyes that I would be late to my own wedding, and gently ushered me into the car, telling me that they would handle it. I’m not too sure what they did, but after a harrowing five minutes, we were underway, all the while Papa Bighorn cheering me up as he drove.

When we finally got to the ceremony site, things happened quickly.

Waiting at the gate was a golf cart, the driver ready to take me up quickly to the Waterfall Outlook with my parents. After a short ride (thank God for that golf cart), I saw my bridesmaids who were looking relieved that I had finally arrived.


Yes guys, that is a Ferris Wheel behind them. No, we didn’t get to ride it. BOO!

After a short apology, the wedding coordinator gave me a brief nod and I heard the music start. Now, you guys may or may not remember, but my tastes in music aren’t really conventional. We decided pretty early on that our music would suit our tastes, and so I present to you, our processional song.

Because the song was rather long, and my bridal party wasn’t too big, we decided it would be played for all the bridesmaids and myself. So first off, my girls came down the aisle:





What you can’t see through the photos was that they were holding parasols all the way down the aisle up until the stairs. As they went down the stairs, they closed the parasols (like MoH M&Ms is doing) and then placed them at their sides as they formed up.


The girls were amazing throughout the day! But enough with my ranting, let’s get back on track.

After my girls were lined up (as above), I came down the aisle with both of my parents. I knew, from the beginning, that this is what I wanted to do. Both of them play a huge part in my life and I wanted to honour them both.

As we prepared to walk down the aisle, I was nervous! My stomach was in twisted knots and I was terrified I would trip, stumble, or worst – cry! But as I linked arms with both of my parents, our coordinator signalled us to walk down the aisle, and we turned the corner, I saw Mr Big waiting there for me.


And I know this sounds cliché, but my nervousness disappeared, replaced with a calm excitement.


Mr Big was looking something like this:


Folks, this picture and the one of both my parents and I walking down the aisle are two of my very favourites.

As we reached the front and I finally caught a glimpse of Mr Big’s face, I felt my heart explode with happiness. I couldn’t help the smile.


Meanwhile, Mama Bighorn was finding it hard to hold it together.


After I gave both of my parents a strong hug, and Mama Bighorn a quick kiss, they took their seats, leaving me standing at the front of the aisle. With Mr Big in front of me, tears in his eyes, I felt a giddy surge of energy run through me.


We were getting married guys! Up next – the ceremony!

[All photos by Studio Something.]



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Ceremonial Crafting: Mood Music

9 Aug

Hi there Hive!

In August, I started working on our ceremony.

Our celebrant, Jenny, is great and tailors the ceremony to whatever the bridal couple wants. She’s an old friend of Mr Big’s from his days working at a big retail company when he first moved over to Australia and has since moved from said retail company to working as a fulltime celebrant. After looking through her ceremony wording portfolio, I managed to craft something which both Mr Big and I think suits us well. It’s sincere, funny, but most of all, perfectly us.

In addition to this, Jenny also added in important facts and qualities about us as a couple which just really personalises the ceremony.

I’ve crafted most of the wordings for the important sections: “Introduction”, “Giving Away”, “Exchange of Rings”, “Rituals”, and the “Declaration of Marriage”. I’ve sent these sections to Jenny, whose refined them and written them up in a lovely book which we get to keep!

But guys, I’m not here to talk about the ceremony.

I’m here to talk about the ceremony music.

We’ve had our decision for the processional since late 2012, so that’s all settled. It still needs to be cut to size (it’s a 4-minute song!), but it works with the feel of the wedding. However, the other music choices for the wedding were a lot harder to decide!

First off, we needed approximately 30 minutes of background music in the beginning.

Initially, I compiled approximately 45 tracks which I think could be used. That’s over 3 hours of music guys! Mr Big then went through it and culled three-quarters of it. Apparently, I’m not very good at musical decisions. We now have about 45 minutes for the pre-ceremony background music.

I also initially had about 5 possible songs for the signing of the marriage certificate (which is done publically in Australian weddings), but had no ideas for the recessional.

You see, the problem was that we’re very much into alternative and indie rock – and basically rock in general.

We don’t mind other things, however, most of the songs selected so far are very rock-oriented. For example, “Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons is folk-rock, “You and Me” by Lifehouse is alternative rock, and “You Found Me” by The Fray is alternative rock. Having a random pop, classical or other-genre-of-song may sound a little strange and out of place.

We’ve also got some Linkin Park, Train, Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas, The Script, Of Monsters and Men, Coldplay, The Goo Goo Dolls and Birds of Tokyo. Vampire Weekend, Hoobastank and Newton Faulkner were possible artists I had listed when formulating a basic plan-of-attack for the ceremonial music.

Essentially, hive, our music isn’t “typical wedding music”.

I had previously heard of other Bees using Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ), but it just didn’t feel right to use orchestral versions of songs when we could just use the original.

Enter Imagine Dragons.

After listening to their very popular song “Radioactive” and then going through their entire album, Mr Big and I found the perfect recessional song! Mr Big was also able to cut the humongous list I had made to make it fit all nicely.

Overall, we’re pretty darn happy with our choice. Now all we have to do is ensure that the processional makes sense with everyone’s entrances and we’re all set!

Who else is using “offbeat” choices for their music?

Songs to Celebrate to!

1 Jul

Hello guys!

On a rainy Saturday, GP and I decided to go out to investigate shirt options. I’ll go into more detail on that later, when GP gets a better idea on what he wants, but that day we met up with our friend and DJ, Jeeves. We watched “The Five-Year Engagement” and laughed the ENTIRE way through it, especially at this bit right here:

HI-LAAARIOUS! Emily Blunt ftw!

Anyway, afterwards we got to talking shop wedding, and Jeeves gave us a rundown on what he’d need to do the DJ-ing work for us. We’d been compiling a wedding list, both for dancing and other times (quiet music during dinner, for example). The list is over 100 songs, and counting, and we’re uber excited about our choices. Although, a part of me is thinking of adding in more ‘generic’ songs (like Bruno Mars, for example).

Anyway, Jeeves needs all the music in audio file format so that he can mix it up and burn it to a CD for us to listen to. We have a majority of the songs on Audio CDs, but there are just some which we don’t. And most of the ones ON Audio CDs needed to be ripped into our laptop and stored on the local server. So that weekend, after returning from Jeeves’ house, we spent moving files around and ripping CDs. We successfully were able to grab about 40% (give or take) of the songs we need, and just need to get about 72 downloaded through appropriate means.

Which means we’re getting our songs all ordered! Yay for marking that off the list!!

Another thing we need to do is figure out the ‘important songs’: the signing of the marriage certificate and the cake cutting. We’re still not 100% sure we’ll be having an over-the-top bridal party entrance or an equally-as-over-the-top bridal couple exit from the reception, so we’re still deliberating whether we’ll NEED songs for those. It’s safe to say that we have the processional, recessional, first dance, and a spicy, sexy second dance!

GP also wants to perform up to three songs at the reception with his father, my father, and his brother (all musos, this family!). So I’m uber excited to see what they come up with!