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19 Oct

When I asked Mr Big what he was most looking forward to during our wedding, he replied, “Oh that’s easy – the reception.” Though I’m looking forward to the ceremony because, “Oh my God, we’ll officially be married!”, I can totally agree with him on the reception. The best way to describe the reception we intend on having is “jam-packed”.

So packed, in fact, that we’re having a hard time figuring out how to plan the whole thing! (Although our day-of timeline is looking better and better).

You see, there are a few key things that Mr Big and I wanted, as well as a few things that my parents were fervent on. This has caused something of a fustercluck and so it was really hard for Mr Big and I to pinpoint where things will be going (more me, than him – he’s a lot better at this whole timeline thing).


I want this shirt. / Image from Shirtoid.

Among the speeches (we’ll be having six of them), the first dances (two of these), and the obligatory cake-cutting, we’ll also be having other things at the reception:

A Photobooth

Ah, the photobooth. Upon starting the planning of this wedding, Mr Big and I were adamant on a photobooth.

It’s the perfect homage of geeky and fun, and we can also add our own “flair” to it by using props. We know not ALL of our guests will want to dance, so this gives them something to do which we hope people will love.

The props we intend on making are an Xbox sign (which is proving difficult, but I think I’ve just about nailed it), Marvel/Avengers and DC Comics props (read: Hulk masks, Iron Man props, Spiderman props, Batman masks, etc.), and a whole plethora of other thing which may just find its way to the dance floor. Our photographers, who will be providing us the awesome booth, will be providing a backdrop and props of their own (including funny animal masks, hats, glasses and scarves).

Some initial reactions to the photobooth were, “Why?”, “Everyone does that!”, “Oh, what’s that?”, but a lot of people who have attended weddings with photobooths between then and now are like, “I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR PHOTOBOOTH!”.

It’s kind of hilarious.

A Live Band

Papa Bighorn was adamant on a live band, and after some deliberation, failed negotiations, and a lucky break, we finally found one. FBIL Muso, Mr Big’s brother, came to the rescue, opting his bands’ services to the wedding. They’re a Kiwi (New Zealand) band based in Nelson, but are flying up for the wedding to play.

They have about the same tastes in music as we do, so we’re uber excited to have them at our wedding. After some negotiating with FBIL Muso and playing around with the timing on the day-of runsheet, we’ve nailed down when they’re playing. We also have a song list outlining the songs which they may be playing. All the songs are totally within out style of music, so we’re quite happy!

A Few Good Musical Numbers

When it came time for my wedding, Papa Bighorn kept dropping hints (read: anchors – my papa isn’t very subtle) about wanting to perform at the wedding chirping up with, “I can sing this, your mum can sing that, we can do this”. Unfortunately, our 5-hour reception doesn’t have time for everything he wanted, so I had to put my foot down: three songs, that’s it.

I didn’t want my father behind a drum kit all night, as has happened at several weddings where he’s been asked to play. He okayed this idea and he’ll be doing three songs at the wedding. What makes it even more special: he’ll be doing those three songs with De Papa Big (Mr Big’s dad, who plays the drums), FBIL Muso, and Mr Big himself. De Papa Big, FBIL Muso and Mr Big will be playing their own song together. FBIL Muso’s band mates will be playing additional instruments to form-up the band.

So, those are the things we need to consider!

Add to that two dance numbers (at approximately 2-3 minutes each), the cake-cutting (which may or may not take longer than 3 minutes), and the speeches (6 of them at approximately 3-10 minutes each), I think we’re going to have a lot going on at the reception!

So what do you guys think? Are we trying to cram too much in our reception? Are we crazy? 🙂