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Takin’ Love by the Horns: The Boys get Shorn and we Fake-Frolic down the Aisle

26 Mar

[Hi guys, I’m going to preface this post by apologising in advance. I know, excuses are poor, but the problem is I would really like to show photos in every post, and even though I have images to the wazoo from the actual day, I haven’t really got any leading up to it. My next post is clearly suffering from the lack of photos, so if I disappear again, I apologise. I’ll try to be better!]

Saturday started out pretty simply.

There was no more setting up to do at the reception hall, and that afternoon we would be having our rehearsal and the last dinner as an unmarried couple (it really wasn’t a “rehearsal” dinner, perse). We headed into the local town for breakfast, and afterwards Mr Big and his boys got all prettied up with a hot shave* at a local barber:

tims barber shop

Mr Big didn’t take pictures. But here’s the actual shop! Sorry for the iffy-lookin’ photo… / Photo from Tim’s Barber Shop.

After the boys had gotten themselves all prettied up (who says the boys can’t get pampered either!), we had a lunch consisting of leftover pizza from the Friday at our villa. Not glamorous, but we had a chance to catch up with a tonne of people. But not before Mr Big got the second woman in his life all cleaned up.


Zoe, getting all cleaned up. (Yes, I’m referring to the car). / Photo by Mr Big.

At the same time I tried to organise with my family for the upcoming rehearsal. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say Papa and Mama Bighorn made it a little bit more complicated than it should have been.

When we finally got to the rehearsal site, we were late. Everyone else was waiting there in the approximately 40 degrees (Celsius) plus heat, except for my two bridesmaids, Cupcakes and Superhero (who got caught in traffic on the way up, darn traffic!), and De Papa and Mumma Big (who were unaware that they needed to attend). We walked up to the top of the Waterfall Outlook and were so happy to see shade – glorious shade!


Basically what we saw upon our entry, minus those music stands (which we used to place signs for the wedding). / Photo by Mr Big.

After some time mingling, letting all the people there have a look around the ceremony site, and waiting for the arrival of De Papa and Mumma Big, we got underway! (Side note: BMs Superhero and Cupcakes later found out we were running late and they could’ve made it, but I didn’t want to pressure them. They did really well on the day though, so it was a-ok!)

We met up with our celebrant/officiant, Friend J, and she organised the boys up:


In this picture: Friend/Officiant J, Mr Big, BMan Hunter, GM Iron, GM Not-British (NB), GM The Flash, and GM Xboy.

I wasn’t there when the boys got organised, but from what I can tell, they went through pre-ceremony dealings…


Mr Big looks super focused!

And some questions were asked:


I think he’s putting his hand up. That, or pointing. Also, notice the binder. GM Iron was more organised than I was.

Meanwhile, I was at the back (and when I say, back, I mean back) of the ceremony site, at the other end of our “aisle” (which is basically a loooong pathway under an arch). We had met up with our ceremony coordinator who was talking us through what would happen on the day, and what she’d be responsible for. We didn’t see much of our ceremony coordinator, and she wasn’t super responsive either, but I will admit that without her help on the day, our ceremony music would not have been timed so perfectly.

She wanted me to first demonstrate what I had in mind with the music, which ended up a disaster with a capital ‘D’. The bridesmaids were spaced much too together! Also, Groom’s Homie Oddball was a nervous, anxious, clueless and awkward mess (which was adorable, but at the same time, cringe-worthy).


In black, BM Proper, and in white, Groom’s Homie Oddball. They’re spaced together too closely.


You can just see the awkward oozing from her. That’s the expression of “WHAT DO I DO!?”

Our ceremony coordinator then told us she had an idea, and would signal when the bridesmaids would walk up. I don’t have any pictures of that, nor did I get any from De Papa Big (whose pictures I’m actually using, thankyou De Papa!). But her version of the whole thing was a success!

When I finally fake-walked up the aisle, we did a short run through the actual ceremony:


Standing at the end of the aisle.


Saying cheese to De Papa! And I think Mr Big is yelling at someone… I can’t remember who. Also, I love that hat!


And finally, going through a quick rundown of the ceremony. Also, that combination of pink kaftan and dress is hideous. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME!?

And that was that!

After a brief conversation about placement of our signs…


My dad’s guitar stand which we ‘turned inside out’ into a sign holder. Ingenious? Yes. Cheap? Yes! / Photo via Mr Big.

… We briefly checked out the Oriental Pagoda and then I headed off for my massage (Lady Luck and Mr Big basically demanded I go – I was more than happy to oblige!). After a glorious massage, it was then time to gorge ourselves on meat have our last dinner as an unmarried couple!

Who else had an insanely hot rehearsal day? Who else got strong-armed into a massage? Why didn’t anyone tell me I look hideous in that outfit!?

(All pictures courtesy of De Papa Big, unless otherwise stated.)

* A hot shave, or a “wet shave”, is usually done with a “straight razor”. For more information on this type of shaving, go here. According to what Mr Big told me (so don’t take my word for it), a hot shave means less regrowth the next day and less razor burn.


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