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Takin’ Love by the Horns: Pulling the Wool Over His Eyes

30 Jun

Last I left you guys: I was in my dress, feeling fabulous; the girls were all dressed up; and my groom and his men were dressed to the nines. As I was inside, being fed jam on toast by BM Proper, Mr Big was outside with MC Chupacabra, and this was happening:


Yep, Mr Big was getting blindfolded.

For those who’ve just joined us, and have no idea what is happening, I point you to this post.

In summary: for our wedding, Mr Big and I needed to perform a Chinese tradition where he needed to “pick me up” from my parents’ house at a set-time (11AM). This set time is considered “auspicious”. However, in order to be let out, my older sister (MoH M&MS) has to cut a ribbon from over the threshold of the house (i.e. the doorway). This is very similar to the “Giving Away” tradition in Western weddings, but in reverse. Also, as I am marrying before my older sister, she needs to “give me permission”, so to speak. I then gift MoH M&Ms and Mr Big guides me out. TADAH, that’s the tradition.

Unfortunately, there were a few issues with this, as recounted in the above-linked post. In short, we decided the best solution was to blindfold Mr Big.

Doesn’t he look cute with his blindfold?


At that point, inside the house, I was getting grilled given a very brief, very last-minute explanation on what was going to happen (even though I had requested said information for months beforehand). To this I can only give a long sigh and implore, implore, you guys to get as much information as early as possible. I was literally told on the day by Mama Bighorn’s side of the family (my aunties and uncles, who I love, but they really should have given us information beforehand):

  • Mr Big had to have my bouquet.
  • My parents could not be present at all during the whole thing (they were hiding upstairs, it was kinda hilarious).
  • I had to lead Mr Big to the door (no one told me this, so there was a brief awkward silence before I had an EFF IT moment and dragged him to the front of the house).

I was exasperated guys. Exasperated.

Anyway! My family disappeared and MC Chupacabra led Mr Big carefully into my parents’ temporary “home”, the villa at the Crowne Plaza, where I was waiting. He was holding my beautiful bouquet:


Who here sees the Bees?

As he made it up to me, I stood, took his hand so that he knew where I was (remember guys, he can’t see) and I felt my heart beating wildly against my chest.

I had seen him in the suit a million times, but this time it was very real. We were going to be married in a few moments time, and he was looking extremely handsome. I vividly remember clutching his hand and just shakily saying hi to him. He was as calm as a cucumber (which is ironic, since he hates cucumbers).


See what I mean? He looks calm, I look nervous! Also notice the gift, that’s for MoH M&Ms.


We chatted for a little bit afterwards, and then after some awkward ‘WTF do we do now’, I grabbed his hand, gave it a tremendous squeeze, and lead him outside. At the door, Groom’s Homie Oddball and my cousin were waiting, a ribbon splayed over the door.

It was then that I gifted MoH M&Ms and she cut the ribbon.


And with that, we were free!


Except, of course, for one more thing. As you all may know from my posts, Chinese culture requires that the child respect the parent in a fashion that some may think is a little bit formal. But as were the requirements of my culture, Mr Big and I respected our elders, particularly my parents, by doing this:


Yes folks, we bowed. And then Mr Big celebrated.


It was at that time, though, that we needed to get going. It was ceremony time! Unfortunately, things did not go to plan on my end…

[All photos by the fabulous Studio Something.]


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