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“I F***ing Hate You”, An Ode to my Skin

2 Sep

Hey all!

After two post-pones, my hair and makeup trial is finally coming up! I’m both excited and scared. Excited – self-explanatory – it’s a wedding-related event which basically means I’m sitting at a makeup artist’s (MUA’s) chair and getting prettied up. Same with hair! I was lucky enough to find a makeup team which does both hair and makeup, and they also come to you to do the job. Hopefully next week I can blog about their job and show you pictures of my face (I know – the suffering you guys have to go through…).

You guys might be wondering why I’m scared as well. This can be summed up in two words: sensitive skin. In general, I’m not that great with makeup. In fact, of the bajillion photos I’ve (bravely, if I say so myself) put up on the blog, a majority of them (I think ALL of them) have me wearing no.makeup.atall.

You see guys, I have terrible skin. I don’t mean oily, or combination, or even dry (although I do have dry skin), I mean sensitive, eczema-riddled skin which just LOVES to break out when the weather changes (and it’s changing right now – winter to spring, yay /sarcasm/). Want some evidence re: how bad it REALLY looks – here’s a hint:

Icky skin

See the icky pock marks on my neck? BLUGH. // Personal image.

Those things you see on my skin are caused by scratching, which I often do subconsciously, especially when I’m asleep. I’ve been trying to stop scratching, but my skin gets irritated easily, whether that is through stress, sweat, or heat. When I am itchy, and awake, I try to rub or scratch as lightly as possible, but old habits die hard and before long, I’m tearing my skin off once more. It’s even worse when I’m asleep.

So I’m pretty intimidated by the whole ‘getting-married-and-having-a-bazillion-photos-taken-of-me-and-my-crap-skin’ thing.

As for why I’m scared about makeup, well, makeup seems to irritate my skin if it isn’t the right kind of makeup. Heavy makeup irritates my skin, non-mineral makeup irritates my skin, and hence, I don’t wear makeup all too often. On the plus side, this means I’ve been less inclined to get pimples from clogged pores due to makeup, but on the other hand, it’s made me worried about how my skin is going to react when I get all dolled up for the wedding.

Hence, the trial. I’m really hoping I can talk to my MUA about my skin and we can work something out. It’ll be the height of summer as well (read: bloody hot) so I’m worried my skin will get absolutely IRRITATED and I’ll breakout (again). Summer is not my friend (neither is… basically any weather other than cold).

As for hair, my scalp used to be as bad as the rest of my skin, but it’s been getting better. As long as I wash my hair everyday (I know, you’re not supposed to do that), my scalp is as happy as a clam. If I miss even one shower, my scalp decides it hates the world and gets super irritated. Another thing about my hair – it’s thin, so can be rather difficult to work with. It’s pretty good at moulding into shape though, but any hairstyles that call for volume will need to be thought through and worked out carefully.

So I’m hoping my MUA and hairdresser can work with my skin and my hair.

I’ll show you guys some evidence next week (hopefully!). Also, next post will be some inspiration photos of the kind of hair I want. 🙂 I promise I won’t rant on anymore about my crappy skin.