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Shopping with the Girls, Part 1: The bridesmaids try on dresses and we eat slippery noodles.

26 Nov

Hello all you lovely people out there!

Before I continue on with this post, let me first start by saying that, Mr Big, you are the love of my life, but…

you shall not pass

Image via AllPosters.com.

Now, where were we!

In my last post, I mentioned that the sort of dress I found myself drawn to flowed from the bodice and draped beautifully to the ground. For those who need a refresher (or just like dress porn!), these were the dresses which I loved:


(1) Annie, by Etsy shop Red Doll; (2) Daphne, by Shop Ruche; (3) Katie, by Bride’s Desire, Wendy Sullivan; and (4) Olivia Wilde in Reem Acra / Image via Elizabeth Ashleigh.

Though I ultimately decided that I wanted to get my gown custom made, I wanted to, at the very least, go on a shopping trip with my girls. The shopping trip was mainly to see what kinds of dresses would look fab on my girls.

You see, my girls are all different sizes and shapes, so I wanted to make sure I chose something that would suit all of them. They also had their own criteria: no strapless dresses. Fair enough. If I don’t want to be pulling up my dress all night, they sure as heck wouldn’t either!

With that, we went shopping on a glorious Spring weekend. It lasted basically all day and we visited three bridal stores. Unfortunately, when I went shopping, we didn’t take many pictures, but I will put up the pictures we did take!

Our first stop was a local bridal store, True Love Couture in Cabramatta. I’ve been in there with Mama Bighorn before, but we didn’t get to try on dresses. This time, however, we were up for some dress-shopping! And let me tell you, hive, their dresses are phenomenal.

true love couture bridal shoot

A styled shoot by Fifteen Photography with a dress from True Love Couture. / Image via Style Me Pretty.

True Love Couture basically makes, well, couture dresses. So if a bride wanted a gown that she could customise they could go there. The prices are reasonable too! In Australia, a couture gown would go for something like $AU10,000, but at True Love Couture, you can get a relatively unique dress for $AU2000.

During our appointment there, some of my bridesmaids were late but I wasn’t at all fussed by it – parking at Cabramatta is difficult at the best of times! Plus, our attendant was fantastic and patient and made an effort to accommodate for us.

While we waited, I checked out the dresses and discussed some options with both MoH M&Ms and Groom’s Homie Oddball*. Oddball didn’t have much in the way of preferences, but M&Ms seemed to want something that hid her shoulders. When the other girls finally got there, with Friend N in tow(!), I asked if they could pick out dresses they liked.

At the same time, Friend N dragged me about True Love Couture and requested I pick out some dresses that I like. I agreed, because heck why not, and went around picking and choosing dresses which looked stunning on the mannequins. I only really found two dresses that suited my flowy, hugging-bodice, slightly-blingy and lacy criteria.

Before my girls tried on their dresses, they wanted me to try on some. And I obliged!

Again, I have no pictures in any of these dresses (sad!).

The first dress was ok, but it needed a crinoline and it was poofy. I stand at approximately 150cm (5’0”) and big, ballgown dresses look like they’re swallowing me. So, I gave that one a pass.

The second dress was more like the Katie (third picture in the line-up above), so it was more the style of dress I had tried on at the bridal store mentioned in the previous post. It cinched in my waist and gave me a sleek hourglass figure. However, the fabric was heavy; as in, it hung-off-me-like-limp-seaweed sort-of heavy. I got a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ but it wasn’t really working for me.

The attendant then suggested that I try on a particular dress which she described as “lighter” and wasn’t currently on display. She disappeared as I got out of the last dress and re-appeared with a gorgeous frock. There was delicate lace on the bodice with beading woven between it and the straps (yes, straps!) were lace as well. At the waist it then flowed out in gorgeous soft chiffon.

I was instantly enraptured.

The attendant then placed the dress on me but unfortunately, it was a tad small. I’m not the typical “bridal size” (and I was a lot heavier back then), so the attendant then went out to the back and fetched a similar dress being tailored for another client of theirs. She slipped the dress on me, and though it only had the lace in patches and wasn’t completed yet, it.looked.stunning.

I walked out to a collective gasp from Friend N, and BMs Cupcakes, Superhero, and Proper. I knew this was the dress I wanted.

Alas, it wasn’t within my budget. I got some information about the dress, but decided to give the floor to my girls.

By the time I was done trying on dresses, it was about an hour into our appointment and other appointment-ees were flooding in. The dress shop was a buzz of activity. However, I requested if my bridesmaids would be able to try on some dresses, and despite the fact that the shop was super busy, our attendant was able to accommodate us. With that said, my bridesmaids chose dresses which they liked and tried them on.


MoH M&Ms, BM Cupcakes, BM Superhero, and BM Proper wearing lovely chiffon dresses.


Groom’s Homie Oddball! I tried to get her to stand straight, but she’s incredibly awkward (and adorable).

The dresses looked splendid on all of them. I really wanted to buy these. Unfortunately, I’ll be buying my bridesmaids their dresses, and they were much too much out of my price range. But it did give me an idea regarding the sorts of dresses they’d look good in, especially for an Australian summer wedding.

Once my bridesmaids redressed, we bid the attendant adieu and went to lunch. And what was for lunch, dear hive?

It was pho.

But what is pho? Well, it’s basically a soup with noodles and your choice of meat. I usually go for the raw thinly-sliced beef, which when dunked in the hot soup provided with the meal, is cooked through.


Pho with thinly-sliced beef and rice noodles. Image via Wikipedia.

It’s a Vietnamese dish, and I seriously recommend it! It’s also not too awful for you and extraordinarily filling!

We all ate pho that day and it was BM Proper’s first time eating it, which was hilarious to watch. She’s not a chopstick-user, so she was struggling to eat her lunch with a fork and spoon spaghetti-style. We’ve tried to teach her the art of chopsticks but she’s since given up. She ended up trying to twirl the rice noodles on her fork which – if anyone’s ever eaten pho – is hard to do because the noodles are just so slippery!

It was amusing to watch and a good meal too!

After lunch we then all clambered into our cars and drove to our next destination: Sweethearts Bridal Boutique.

Did anyone else find a dress they loved but was out of your price range? Did anyone else combine bridesmaids dress-shopping with wedding dress-shopping? Who here’s tried pho?

* “Groom’s Homie” Oddball is actually my junior bridesmaid. However, she and Mr Big have a super close connection where they call each other ‘homies’. Hence, she’s the honorary “Groom’s Homie”!


26 Oct

Hello all,

After the last post, I had a little talk with one of my bridesmaids about wedding-related stuff. She mentioned that, as I’ll be turning 25 before I get married the next year after, they can get me some bridal stuff for my birthday! It’s an awesome idea, I just… have no idea what I want… (granted, my birthday is April 11 of next year – if I don’t know what I want then, I’m in some trouble…).

So after browsing through a bajillion websites, pondering over what I really want, I realised I have no idea what I do want. Which is hilarious!

You see, I was never the little kid who dreamed of getting married. I thought my mother looked stunning in her wedding photos, but was never one to think, “That’ll be me some day”. I was a tomboy – I ran around with my cousins pretending I was a Power Ranger. At another point we played imaginary “Mortal Kombat” (a fighting game, for those who don’t know). I spent most of my childhood daring and doing said dares, getting myself hurt in some of the most hilarious accidents ever (one involved a laundry chute…) and playing chicken with my garage door. At the age of 17, my cousin and I had a punching war at a party in a public restaurant. We punched each other’s fists to see which one backed out first (I think I won that time). I was the jar-opener in the family, the girl most likely to perform a dare if there was enough ‘encouragement’, and who never wore dresses or makeup.

And now, I’m getting married.

So I’m a little out-of-my-depth here. Granted, I’m the first to get married in my group of friends, a fact which all of them were only a little bit surprised about (I found out later they anticipated I would be the second person to get married in our group). I’ve never planned something as big as a wedding before. My 21st was a quiet night out with my friends, having a few drinks, and my graduation was very similar. I hate being in the spotlight, so being the bride is a really daunting, alien experience to me. I see this wedding as mine and GP’s wedding, but I get most of the attention, which is weird for me. I love planning this though, because I get to explore this creative side of me which I didn’t even think existed.

Anyway, getting to the point at hand.

Let’s talk veils. I’m not sure if GP should be reading this or not, so just in case: Mr. GP, IF YOU THINK THIS ISN’T APPROPRIATE FOR YOU TO READ, STOP HERE. IF YOU DON’T REALLY GIVE TWO TURDS ABOUT THE VEIL, KEEP READING! 😀

There we go, warning done.

So my veil. The very thing I’m undecided about. Most people say that, to pick the veil, you first need the dress. Which is true, I guess. A simple veil would suit a complex dress, an intricate veil suits a simple dress. I don’t have my dress yet, but I do like thinking about what kind of veil I’d want (it makes the choice a lot easier when it comes to decision-time). 

You see, I initially wanted a veil, but had a look at some pictures. The ‘poofy’ veil would look hideous on my face, so I was immediately turned off. I know most girls like the look because it gives them a ‘halo’, but my God, it would just make me look horrible. Add to this GP’s nonchalance about the whole veil thing (he doesn’t see the significance), and I was ready to just put the issue to bed.

And then my mum says I have to wear one. Don’t ask me why, she gave me no reason. She just said I had to. It must be an Asian-mum thing, because one of my other friends (who’s getting married in February) had her mother-in-law tell her she also had to wear a veil. Anyway, my mum wants me to wear a veil that goes over my face as I walk down the aisle – very typical wedding thing. But I hated the fullness of a two-tier veil (which are the veils you can wear which have a blusher – the part that goes over your face). Don’t even get me started on a three-tier veil…

And then  I saw the drop and mantilla veil.

The drop veil is basically a veil that has no ‘gather’ – the gather is the thing that gives the veil ‘poof’. As the name states, you simply ‘drop’ it on top of the head. It’s often fastened to the head by a hair pin being weaved between the hair and the veil. One website actually gives you a comb which allows easier fastening (www.occanseydesigns.com). The mantilla is similar, though it has lace edging all along. The drop veil is good for a complex dress. Most of the attention will be on the dress because the drop veil is mostly a sheer layer of tulle. The mantilla can be similar, but the lace edging is also a little more attention-grabbing.

As for length, I wanted it to be elbow or fingertip length. Being 5’0″ (149cm), I’m rather short. I will be wearing heels on the day, but… well… GP is 6’0″ tall. I’d have to wear 12-inch heels to reach his height (noooo thankyou!). So I will still be a lot shorter than him on the day. This also means certain veils (chapel-length – the reaaaaaaaaally long ones, for example) can make me look much shorter. So elbow or fingertip sounds about right. However, I saw some waltz (cascading) veils that looked cute. Basically they taper down to about the bum area, so it doesn’t go straight down the back. That might be an option too…

I bet I’m doing your heads in, talking all technical. I just don’t know what I want! I really should start trying on dresses with different veils when I can. That might narrow down my choices…

The Drop Veil, taken from http://www.weddingbee.com.au