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Bubbles, bubbles, I wish my name was bubbles~

3 Jun

(Who got the title reference?)

During the planning process of this wedding, Mr Big and I thought through a lot of things. One of these was the “exit” for the bride and groom during both ceremony (recessional!) and reception (send off!). I’ll get to the send off later, because that’s a longer story, but our recessional exit was an easy one.

Upon visiting the place where we’d get married, our former ceremony coordinator turned to us and said politely, “we unfortunately can’t have rice or confetti thrown on the Garden grounds, but most people do rose petals”. Mr Big and I nodded in understanding, and kept looking around. After a pause, our ceremony coordinator turned to us and said these game-changing words:

“Bubbles are my favourite though.”

I had never heard of such a thing, but it sounded fantastic.

I love bubbles. One of my fondest childhood memories was grabbing a bowl, pouring in a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, grabbing my self-made bubble blower (made out of a coat hanger of course!) and then going out onto the balcony and blowing the bubbles. Seeing them bob up and down in the air, floating into the air, was wonderful.

This was only emphasised by the gorgeous images of bubbles being blown at newlyweds.


Bubble exit! / Image via A Southern Soiree, photography by Exum Photography.

So of course, when bubbles were proposed as an alternative to confetti and rose petals, I was set. So was Mr Big. He seemed even more excited than me, hahah! 😀

So after that visit, I started the search for wedding bubbles, and promptly found out how overpriced they were. Eighty cents per blower!? Over $100 for about 150 bubble blowers!? Are you serious!? I stopped searching when all I could find was overpriced wedding merchandise after overpriced wedding merchandise. It was also too early to settle on buying these things.

A few months later, I found a pretty good deal on a website selling twin heart bubble blowers. However, after contacting them, we weren’t given the kindness of a response and gave up. I was annoyed, because it would’ve been a great deal.

Oh well, back to the drawing board…

Fast forward to 1 June 2013.

We were in the city to go to a Tour de Dance at the Metro Theatre to support two friends and their dance troupe. The night was AMAZING and they’re SO good at dancing! While we were there though, we had about two to one-and-a-half hours to go. We shopped around, finding some wedding guest book options (which I’ll get to when we finally get around to buying everything). We also visited a discount dollar store (you know, those ones which sell cheap stuff). And inside that store, we, or more correctly, Mr Big found bubbles!

And the cost: fifty cents per bubble blower.


They had two designs, a twin heart design and a bride and groom design:


Left: The twin heart design from Swish Wedding Invitations, and right: The bride and groom design from La Occasion Wedding & Events Coordinators.

We originally ordered 6 boxes of the combined designs, but at the end, we got about 6 boxes of the bride and groom bubbles. It was all good thought, because we got the bubbles for a combined total of $72!

Question is, should we leave them as is, or should I add some nice ribbon?