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A Tale of Two (Pairs of) Shoes

24 Dec

When I first began thinking about my wedding-day look, I knew one thing to be true.

I’d be wearing white shoes.

I’m a shoe-girl. Clothes change with weight, and I’ve always had problems with my weight, but shoes? Shoes don’t change. They are forever faithful. They can also make or break an outfit, so it was important to me that my shoes make me feel even more fantastic than my jewellery, hair, makeup, or dress.

Unfortunately, I have tiny, tiny feet.

I’m a size 5 to 5.5 in Australia, which roughly translates to a size 36 to 36.5 in EU. It’s difficult to buy fashionable shoes in Australia in that size, so most of my shoe-shopping has been done in discount bins in shoe stores, overseas, or online.

And with that said, I turned online when searching for my “ultimate” shoe. My search didn’t yield much for a few weeks that would be worth putting up on the ‘Bee, but then I stumbled across these babies:

spitfire wedges

The Spitfire wedges from Poetic Licence. / From Hive Member christinamarie890, photography by Idalia Photography.

They’re made by the awesome shoe designers Poetic Licence and were selling on the online store Modcloth. I’ve been stalking Modcloth for forever, and have bought a few bits and bobs from them, so when I saw these babies selling for about $US150 and in my size; I snatched ‘em up!

A few weeks later I got a box from Modcloth and within that box was this fanciful box:

poetic licence carrying case

Can you believe they give you a carrying box? It’s awesome! It’s as if they knew it was for a wedding! / Personal photo.

Inside this beautiful box were these babies:

spitfire wedges instagrammed

I totally Instagram’d my shoes… Ignore the clutter in the background. / Personal photo.

I was extraordinarily happy with my choice. After some breaking in, they’re now totally comfortable to walk around in.

Unfortunately, they’re not so good to dance in.

You see, Mr Big and I have been doing some dance lessons. I won’t divulge any further, but I wore these babies to dance in and found that, though I wasn’t really in pain, my feet were pretty red. Also, I found I didn’t have the much-needed grip you need when dancing. It was also harder to do the more… passionate parts of the dance.

I considered sanding down the bottoms to give it more grip, but the bottoms of the shoes have an absolutely beautiful grip and I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So enter these som’bitches:


I am really bad at taking photos. / Personal photo.


I got these on special at a local store called Rivers. Rivers touts themselves as Clothing and Footwear Merchants, and it’s true – they sell clothing and footwear. Most of the clothing and footwear they sell are good for outdoors-y activities, but occasionally they’ll sell fancy footwear for both men and women.

The particular shoe you can see in that photo isn’t selling anymore, but they’re selling similar shoes here in both red patent and black patent for those interested.

Rivers shoes are comfy because of their patented Riversoft leather soles. They’re also roomy, and these particular shoes only have a heel of about 1 to 2 inches, so they’re much easier to dance in.

So with that said – I’ve become a two-shoe bride! (Three shoes if you count the fact that I may want to change into pre-owned flats later in the night.)

Who else is a two-shoe bride? 🙂