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All cold on the wedding front…

25 Sep

Hello gentle-readers!

I haven’t really been able to plan or do much wedding-related things. It’s been kind of slow on that front. Once we get an actual date, I’m sure things will speed up significantly.

The past Sunday, GP and I went to a local wedding expo at the Liverpool Catholic Centre 🙂 I was a little iffy on the going, but GP convinced me (with the promise of potential free prizes and other free stuff) to go. I think it was a successful day! 🙂 I couldn’t invite others because I only really found out about the expo a couple of days before. Hopefully another free expo comes up (with free entry!) and I can invite others to come along with me 🙂

They had an awesome baker there. SHE MADE RED VELVET CAKE OMG.

They also had a website where you could make your own wedding albums, as well as a plethora of others (decorators, make-up artists, engravers, even those willing to help with house loans!). I haven’t had a peruse through our goodie bag, but hopefully when GP and I get the time we can have a looksee at the goodies. I’ve been trying to sort out university stuff over the midsemester break and have three more assignments to go before this semester ends. Then hopefully I get an email back regarding a possible jaunt into Honours 🙂

No other wedding news yet. But I’ll make sure to post it once I do! 🙂

Peace out y’all!

.the eichanist.