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Takin’ Love by the Horns: A Moment with the Girls

2 Apr

When I got to my parents’ villa, I had a moment to relax before my girls came along. And with them, they brought this:


Audrey Wilkinson’s Moscato.

We settled down to relax for a little bit before we started chatting, rather excitedly, about the next day. I’d be the first of my friends to get married, so it was a new experience for everyone! We sipped our moscato, and chowed down on watermelon:


A summer fruit staple!

I also got a few things ready for the next day, including the gowns for my bridesmaids. I had intended on keeping those a secret, buuuut Groom’s Homie had found out about them when Mama Bighorn decided to casually chat about the bridesmaids’ gifts in front of her to me. So I figured, let them all in on the secret!

Gown Ready

After a few more pictures:

wedding eve montage

… BM Cupcakes and Superhero asked about the aisle-walk and I explained to them what we’d be doing. BM Superhero (or was it Cupcakes?) then asked what the girls would do with their parasols when they got to the front. Hm. Good question.

We debated for a little bit and then concluded that they would shut their parasols as they walked down the stairs before the end of the aisle and then lay them down at their feet when they were standing in the front.

With that finalised, my bridesmaids then decided it would be good to “practice” their walk down their aisle. Where you ask? Well, see that long corridor in the above pictures? There.

It made for some very hilarious pictures:

walking down the aisle

All my girls, walkin’ the walk.

After a few laughs and some more chatting, we each bid each other good night and I settled down to sleep. Groom’s Homie Oddball and I were sleeping in the same room, so we chatted for a little bit. She was more nervous than I am about walking down the aisle! After we chatted a little bit more, I grabbed my laptop and wrote my last post as a miss. I then spent a few moments mulling over things in my head before I drifted off into sleep. I’d be waking up in approximately 5 hours to the morning of my wedding day.

Up next: The girls get their purteh onnnn~

Who else had a fun night with the girls before the wedding day? Anyone else have their party practice their walk down the aisle?

[All photos taken by BM Cupcakes]


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