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8 Jul

Hey guys!

First off, I hope everyone has had an AWESOME weekend! 🙂

Secondly, I thought I’d update you on the weight loss.

It’s safe to say that I’ve officially lost 9kgs! GP and myself have had a bad 2 weeks since he started working in the city (timing, parties, etc.). But we’ve jumped back on the exercise-wagon again. What’s even better is, where the gym would normally charge us MORE to exercise at off-peak times (i.e. 3PM onwards), we’re still paying the same amount! 🙂 The owners of our gym are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

I can now fit into dresses which wouldn’t have fit 9kgs ago! And I’m looking, and feeling, better! Not to mention the boost in confidence. I still hate parts of my body (thighs, I’m looking at you!) but otherwise, I’m feeling utterly FANTASTIC. I’m hoping to be another 10 or so kgs down once I go for my next dress fitting.

And now, to cap this post, here’s a picture of GP and I in Steampunk clothing, taken at our friends’ Sydney Steampunk-dress-up wedding reception. I’m a Victorian-era Steampunk-esque ‘mistress’, GP is a Steampunk pirate (he had an AWESOME half-mask with rivets which he’s not wearing in this photo – SAD):

Me… being retarded. And GP… looking adorable! (Image (c) our good friend, Mr. OSM-Dancer [I swear I’ll make up a better nickname…])

Wish us both luck!

Who has two thumbs and just got fitted for her wedding dress?

22 Jun


And before I launch into a wedding-dress-related rant…


You must not gaze upon this post!


So on June 18, I finally went to see the incredible Mandy Heng and got fitted for the bodice on my dress! I was super excited getting this done and she was impressed – apparently I’ve lost a VISIBLE amount of weight. I intend to keep going with the weight loss, so I’m a little paranoid the dress will have to be majorly altered, but fingers crossed it’ll all work out!

We also went through other key things about my dress design.

Mandy’ll be making my veil from scratch using fabrics she owns. It’ll have a lace border on the fringe which sits on top of my head and drape down, longer than my train. The cost isn’t excessive (not cheap either, but hey – you win some, you lose some). My ma is wholeheartedly agreeing with the whole idea, so that’s a plus right there I guess!

We’re shopping for laces next Wednesday. The lace is an additional cost to the dress, but I expected this. Laces can be a pretty addition to the dress, but they’re certainly not cheap. I don’t need a lot of lace on my dress, so I’m pretty happy with this arrangement. 🙂

And finally, she saw my shoes and measured ’em. This’ll give her a good idea on how long the skirt will need to be. I also wore shapers, so hopefully I lose so much weight I won’t need the body shaper and I’ll just fit into my dress naturally (since I’m still in the weight loss journey).

Now, talking about the weight loss journey…

GP, you can come back now ❤

GP has recently come into a position where he now needs to work in the city on a project. This means that, instead of going to the gym at 2PM and then coming back home and having a protein shake, we need to wake up at 5AM.

In the words of Junior BM Qin: CRY

I’m NOT a morning person, and I certainly am not a morning person in winter! I struggle to get up at 9AM, but 5AM! SOB! In the first week we managed 2 out of 5 days because the other three we struggled to get up.

We’ll certainly try harder this week, but I hope this doesn’t affect our weight loss 😦

Wish us luck people!

On the Weight Game…

27 May

Hive, it’s time to get a little bit serious…

I’m a small girl, height-wise. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m only 5’0″. My fiancé towers over me at 6’0″. He loves how short I am (and generally just… loves me ❤ ). I quite like my height – having gotten used to it over the years. Although being short can be a little bit annoying when you’re trying to watch a concert (“Oh look, all I see is… the head of the taller person in front of me…”), it’s been pretty good being short.

Unfortunately, I’m short and quite big (read: fat… I’m not going to pull my punches here). The thinnest I’ve been was during my karate days, and because those were the days of “DON’T YOU DARE TAKE A PICTURE OF ME WITH THAT CAMERA”, I don’t have any photos of me when I was that thin. I do have some photos of me during a thinner stage of my life, but as I was overly conscious about my body size, most of them have me SWATHED in big jumpers and 2-sizes-too-big pants.

Yeah… I wasn’t very happy with my fashion choices back then.

Anyway, I’ve struggled with my weight over the years, and being Asian, the idea is that you need to be THIN to be beautiful. I’m not talking Jennifer-Lawrence-healthy-thin nor am I talking J-Lo/Beyoncé-curves-thin. I’m talking wow-you-look-like-a-popsicle-stick thin.

typical asian girl

An example of typical Asian fashion and thin-ness. I guarantee that if you go to Hong Kong or any other Asian country, the size “Large” will actually be a size “Small” in Anglo sizing. / Image via We Heart It.

But you see, I’m not ‘typically Asian-sized’. Yes, I am short, but I have curves. My body size is basically petite – short and curvy. I love that I have curves, I love that my natural body size is petite, but unfortunately, 99.99999% of my family does not.

I’ve been pestered to lose weight by so many relatives. For example, one of my uncles told me to eat cabbage soup for a month because his daughter did it and lost so much weight (I didn’t – I just stared at him like he was crazy). Another example, at a party a family friend stared at me ashamedly as I plucked up a piece of cake. He shook his head and was visibly offended that I was eating a piece of cake.

Well, buddy, you weren’t so thin yourself.

Now that I’m engaged, one of the first port-of-calls from a number of people when talking to me about the wedding was, “Are you going to lose some weight?”. Though it annoyed me, they had a point. Ever since dating Mr Big, I had gained a lot of weight and I was at my heaviest. I hated my body, felt like crap, and wanted to lose weight. Unfortunately, I found it hard to motivate myself on my own and basically stayed at that weight for the first 6 months of our engagement.

Milford Sound Walk

On the Milford Track, c. January 2013. God that track was a bitch to walk… / Personal Photo.

Finally, the year 2013 struck and I was determined to do some weight loss.

Mr Big also wanted to lose some weight and we started a regime. It first involved lots and lots of walks, which were fun, but as time wore on, the weight loss (for me, anyway) stopped. So we had to switch it up. We searched for a gym and found a reasonably priced one. A gym membership later, we were doing cardio work for the majority of it. However, our gym was AWESOME and gave us a free gym program. After two months, I’d lost about 8kgs.

And it kept decreasing.

evolution of eileen

The evolution of a big Miss Big to a littler Miss Big. From left to right, top row: At Marlborough, New Zealand, visiting the wineries, c. January 2013; in front of the Wentworth Falls (or a section of it), c. March 2013; posing in our Steampunk duds for GM Cthulu’s wedding reception, c. June 2013. Bottom Row: posing in the Christchurch Cathedral Square, New Zealand, c. July 2013; drinking a delicious Cabrito coffee at Circular Quay just before a trip to Melbourne, c. August 2013; making a stupid face at Mama Bighorn’s birthday dinner in Cocklebay Wharf, Darling Harbour, c. November 2013.

I don’t think I’m going to get to my primary weight goal, but hopefully, I’ll get to my secondary weight goal.

And no, I don’t intend to get popsicle-thin!

As for Mr Big, he’s lost a whopping 20 kilograms since we started this venture. He looks significantly different to what he did in the beginning of the year. Let me show you a three-picture-progression:

evolution of grant

The evolution of a big Mr Big to a smaller Mr Big. From left to right: Mr Big in front of the Auckland Museum, c. January 2013; Mr Big and I during our engagement photo shoot, photography by Studio Something; Mr Big, looking cute, at my Mama Bighorn’s birthday dinner, c. November 2013.

We hope to continue losing weight after the wedding is done and dusted through both regular exercise and just eating the right foods. We’re happy with our progress so far and we’re looking forward to more progress in the future!

Did anyone else struggle with weight before the wedding? Who else has used their wedding as a catalyst to lead a better lifestyle?

(All images personal unless otherwise stated.)


Engagiversary! + sweating it out

12 Apr

Hello folks!

Yesterday I turned a quarter of a century and, apart from a few minor body issues, it was an awesome day! It was also the day that – a year ago – GP asked me to marry him ❤ I’ve already gone through our proposal story, but it was nice knowing that a year ago, we started the next step on our relationship journey.  I still can’t believe that GP wants to marry me, especially as I can be a bit of a beesh. But he has been with me every step of the way.

On the wedding front, we’ve been working our asses off in the gym lately, however, my body decided it didn’t like that idea, and it’s since swelled in places which make it hard for me to go to the gym (or anywhere, really). That part of my body is my left foot – it’s swelled to about twice its size and I wasn’t able to put any pressure on it at all. That was where the not-fun of my birthday came from. GP was sweet enough to get me some crutches because, DAMNIT, I was going out on my birthday come hell or high water!

I wasn’t able to go to the gym. I couldn’t go on any of the cardio equipment without pain, and I couldn’t do any weights because my elbow was in so much pain from all the chest, back and arm weights, and I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot. So we skipped the gym yesterday (which sucked, because I was so pumped to go). I’m hoping to go today, but my foot is still a little swollen. I can now walk on it, but I’m limping like a mofo. Hopefully it’ll get better before 3PM and GP and I can head to the gym to sweat it out.

As for how I’ve been doing on my weight-loss journey, I’ve only lost about 3kgs. GP however has lost a WHOPPING 10kgs! I’m so proud of him! ❤ I’m hoping the gym will kickstart my body and I’ll lose the weight I want to lose. I’ve been following the same exact regime as GP, so it really doesn’t make any sense that I’m losing so little and he’s losing so much!

Wish us luck and let’s hope my foot gets better!

E x