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Takin’ Love by the Horns: Meaty Goodness

31 Mar

[Warning: if you hate, hate, HATE grainy, low-quality photos, its best you skip this post. Also, I know, it’s not really “sheep” related, but I couldn’t resist the title.]

After I had a glorious half-hour massage, I hopped in the car with MC Chupacabra and we headed to the park in front of the Hunter Valley Gardens. It was dinner time! And what was for dinner? Well, this:

the don_cooking

The Don, cooking some meaty sate. You can see DoC Auto in the background there! Also, that little shelter back there is where we set up all the snacks, drinks, and plates.

You see, when I introduced Mr Big to my family, I told him he needed to try something called “sate” (said, ‘satay’, which is basically what it is). He told me that barbecues at his parents’ house usually resulted in burnt, unsavoury meat, so he tended to avoid barbecues like the plague. When he found out sate was basically barbecued (well, realistically, charcoaled) meat, he didn’t want to try it. I convinced him otherwise. The moment he ate the succulent meat off the skewer, he was hooked.

So it was no surprise that when I proposed that we have a big dinner on the Saturday before we get married, he suggested a sate dinner – it would be homage to my Indonesian heritage, and his Kiwi friends would be able to try it. I was aboard, but it all depended on my parents. They’re the “sate experts”. Mama Bighorn was uncomfortable with the idea. It’d be too much work before the day, and Mr Big and I could understand it. We told her it was no problem, and we could just go to a pub. Papa Bighorn was all aboard however, and managed to persuade her otherwise. Unfortunately, Papa Bighorn’s eyes are bigger than his stomach.

Guys, he made over 3000 skewers.


ALL THE MEAT. / Screenshots taken from a video by Family Friend T.

I love Papa Bighorn, but he tends to get over-excited. I was adamant that it would be WAAAYYY too much, but he was convinced that all the guests would eat at least 20 skewers each (spoiler alert: they didn’t). Needless to say, we didn’t end up cooking all of the skewers. So if anyone is planning on doing some barbecue thing for their wedding guests as a day-before dinner, please don’t do what we did and make too much.

(Plus side: if anyone wants to come over for a sate dinner, we have heaps of extras!)

The dinner started out relatively… well, disastrous. The sate hadn’t thawed, and by the time the guests started trickling in, nothing was cooked.

Thawing the meat

Papa Bighorn and Family Friend A thawing the meat out. / Photos taken by Family Friend T.

While I welcomed people, Mr Big was trying to get everything sorted with Papa Bighorn. Finally, when the meat did thaw, the thawed meat to cooked meat ratio was out of whack.


Mama Bighorn and MoH M&Ms. You can see why the cooking would take so long! We had about three or four of those grills going at once.

Honestly, the whole dinner was logistically screwed from the beginning. When the meat did get cooking, though, we had so many people at the burners ready to grab some meat:

grabbin some meat

Photos & screenshots taken by Family Friend T.

By the end, everyone was well-fed. There was a lot of mingling happening as well.


Photos & screenshots taken by Family Friend T.

Mr Big and I also took the time to give our parents their gifts. For Papa Bighorn, we got him a premium engraved barbecue knife set (including 2$ attached to the knife, you know… just because).


Photos from Mr Big.

For Mama Bighorn we got her a bottle of Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose:

tresor midnight rose

Via Lancôme Paris website.

Mumma Big got an Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Gift Set:

elizabeth arden gift set

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Gift Set. / Via.

And finally, De Papa Big got a wine gift box, with a wooden case to hold a wine bottle in and tools:

wine gift set

Similar to this, but I couldn’t find the one we actually chose. / Via Dan Murphy’s.

We also cooked the meat off so that it would be easier to ship back without the fear of the meat going “off”. And we were met with a spectacular sundown.

waterfall outlook_view

I can’t show you the sundown, because it was on my phone. But what I can show you is this awesome shot by The Don of the view from the ceremony location. Isn’t it wonderful?

At the end of the dinner, I packed up my bags from the villa Mr Big and I was sharing, kissed Mr Big goodbye and held him for what felt like the longest time, before settling in with my girls at my parents’ villa. But that’s for another post!

Anyone else met with an unexpected logistical nightmare?

[All photos taken by The Don, unless otherwise stated.] recap-logoMissed a recap post? Catch up here!