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Winter is coming!

17 Jul

Well… is here.

(Side note: No, I do not watch Game of Thrones. I can’t get past the first episode…)

And with Winter comes Winter-clothing!

Which brings me to the question: what do you wear to an engagement shoot in the Winter? I grew up in Australia where ‘winter’ meant chilly nights and warm mornings. Winter fashion isn’t really big in my family (think thick socks and flipflops… I cringe!), so when I try to dress relatively attractively in the Winter, I’m met with the disapproving look of ‘why are you not dressed warmly!?’. I love my family, but I want to look good and be warm!

New Zealand is a completely different ballgame! Winter fashion is an art of the right layers and the right pieces of clothing. A warm, colourful scarf paired with a nice blazer or winter coat; thick leggings paired with a nice tunic and a cute belt to cinch the waist; knee-high boots, skinny jeans, and a cute fleece top – these are the things I see in Kiwi-land that make Winter-dressing so much more attractive.

So, I’ve been trying to think of ways to dress for the engagement shoot, so I don’t end up looking this guy:

It’s the Michellin Man! / Image via Running With Scissors

This is the route I don’t want to take. I’m a rather big girl (but getting smaller, thankfully!), so layers upon layers upon, etc. would make me look two-to-ten times bigger than I already am! So, no, I am not going to layer too excessively!

And so, with a plan of action in mind, I turned to Polyvore and made this board:

NZ winter engagement session

NZ winter engagement session by Miss Big

I own a lot of those clothes (or semblances of them) and decided they would be perfect for the shoot. It’s warm, it’s classy, it’s fashionable, and most of all, I won’t look like the Michellin Man! Mr Big has winter-dressing down to an art, and when you guys see the pictures, you’ll see how classy my boy is (even with a zombie on his chest).

(I would show you what we finally wore, but I’m going to be mean and not even give you guys a smidgen of a sneak peak! [insert evil laughter])

What do you guys think about my choices?