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Veiled and other little things…

17 Feb

Hello all!

First and foremost, the thing which GP dislikes seeing in this blog:

GP, there will be talk of the dress, the veil, and some other accessories. Please do not read this post!!

I love you! ❤


Is he gone? Okay… now, onto the matter at hand…

I’ve talked to my dressmaker – Mandy – and we’ve officially chosen a month where the dress will commence becoming a sketch on a piece of paper to a full-fledged article of clothing. That month is April – as for day, we haven’t figured that out. We’re both still trying to work out bits and bobs on the dress, like the fact that we want to do something with the skirt for a potential dance we have in mind. GP gave me a wonderful idea, and I’ll have to address that with Mandy when I get the chance. I’ll also have to buy a petticoat, but I know where I can get one for relatively cheap (and it’s not a hoop petticoat as well – I wore one, I didn’t like it…).

Mandy has also stated that she’s happy to help me with my veil. She’s sent me a picture of a veil which she believes will work with the intricacies of the dress, and I must say – I LIKE. I’d put a picture up but… I’m a little bit worried that it’ll pop up when GP decides to click on the link… so if you guys are interested (and I know those on FB read this), shoot me a message and I’ll send you a picture 🙂

The veil will have a comb attached, so that means I don’t need to buy a brooch (or really, tell my friends that they need to rethink my 25th birthday idea…).

Needless to say, I’m uber excited about the whole thing and can’t WAIT to get this underway. I still need to lose a LOT of weight before I’m happy with where I am, but Grant and I are now going forward with our plans and hoping that nothing will interrupt (like a lot of things did last year…). I’ve been drinking so much water that I’m now sick of water… like seriously, SICK of water… but I know it’s good for me, so I’m forcing myself to do it.

As for the other little things, I’m musing what else to do to – as they say – “complete the look”. My “something borrowed” will be earrings and a necklace from my mum. I also want to wear a beautiful Swarovski bracelet I got from my fiance on our first anniversary. All these pieces of jewellery have red on them, so it’ll suit with the red lacing/ribbon that’ll be weaved through the corset. I haven’t really considered hair accessories – as I’ll be wearing a veil and have my hair in an up-down-hairdo – but I don’t think I’ll be wearing my veil ALL day. During the reception, I want to change out of the veil and into something else, but I’m not entirely sure what.

I’ve found two potential websites to look at: (which I’ve been stalking forever but haven’t personally bought anything from there – although my bridesmaids and GREATEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD A bought me a super cute bag there) and They both have inexpensive bridal accessories.

I’m super excited now that everything seems so close to fruition. 🙂 Wish us luck guys!


13 Feb

My title is so original.

So I was surfing the interwebs yesterday and found two websites that sell REALLY PRETTY PARASOLS. They are:


They both sell BEAUTIFUL parasols – lace, rainproof, and oriental (paper). I’ve been thinking of giving my bridesmaids parasols in lieu of flowers on the day because they’d make awesome photos. But I never really thought to get a parasol myself. I’m thinking about it now, and a parasol would look stunning in photos, especially of the lace or Monk variety.

Like this for example! (Image (c) A Bit Shady)

Like this for example! (Image (c) A Bit Shady)

Now I have to draw up comparisons charts so I can either, a) convince myself that buying a parasol is TOTALLY WORTH IT, or b) get blown away by the extra moola and say HELL TO THE NAH to a parasol for myself.


I hate decisions.

Vendors – Update 1.0

12 Feb

Hey guys!

I thought I’d update the vendor list and classify them as booked or not. It makes it much easier for my little brain.

The first vendor list is here –


  • Invitations and Stationary: DIY’d (awaiting printing)
  • Ceremony Location: Hunter Valley Gardens (both civil and tea ceremonies)
  • Reception Location: Tamburlaine Organic Wines
  • Hair & Makeup: Doubletake Makeup Artistry
  • Pre-Wedding Beauty (manicure, pedicure, facials, etc): Pretty Women Nails (manicure and pedicure)
  • Wedding Dress: Mandy Heng Designs (Consultation: Feb 15)
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: For Her and For Him
  • Suits: Hallenstein Bros. (much easier for the Kiwi fellas)
  • Groomsuit: Mandy Heng Designs (possibly – awaiting quote – Consultation: Feb 15)
  • Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Resort Hunter Valley
  • Photography and Photobooth: Studiosomething
  • Videography: Onsight Films
  • Entertainment: The Johnny Paro Band and DJ Sanjiv

Not booked/bought:

  • Car Hire: Morpeth Limousines
  • Celebrant: Jennifer Egan (haven’t booked)
  • Flowers: Yeng Tan Floral Designs (Consultation: March 9)
  • Event Hire and Decorating: Affections (Need to book)
  • Cake: I Do… Wedding Cakes (Consultation: March 9)

The Guest List & Invitations

12 Feb

AHHH! It’s been so very long since I wrote!! Bad eichanist, bad! I do have a reason for the long absence. First off – New Year (I think that was my last post). And then, we flew over to New Zealand for a friends’ wedding! I (unfortunately) wasn’t able to attend the wedding while I was over there – but, from the photos and videos I’ve seen, it looked MARVELLOUS! I just hope all my planning is just as good as their’s (they were also lucky enough to have some help – I don’t have the luck of having a wedding planner…). After we came back from the wedding, it was Chinese New Year – so I wasn’t able to find time to sit down over the weekend to type a post.

So I’m doing it now – when I should be attempting to consolidate my Honours work… (Shhh, tell no one!)

But anyway – first thing’s first. I would like to acknowledge that I’m getting married in less than a year!! YAY! I will soon be Mrs. GP (or more correctly, P…). GP has been getting more and more excited – he’s giving me ideas, suggesting things timetable-wise (I’ll need him to do most of the timetabling because, well… I suck at it), and thinking of potential photo locations. I love that he’s getting more excited – it makes me more excited! 🙂 He’s even suggested ideas for our first dance, which has got me very excited!

We’ve essentially done a lot of the bookings – reception, ceremony, photographer, videographer – and now just need to smooth out the finer details – decorations, cake, flowers, transport. The wedding attire hasn’t been smoothed out completely yet – but we’re getting there! More importantly, we’re pretty much set with our invitations! I’ve sent them off to be printed, and we’re eagerly waiting for the proofs to come in. Because we’re getting them printed in America, we’ll have to pay extra for shipping and handling, but their printing and materials was actually cheaper than anything we could find in Australia. Essentially, minus shipping and handling, it worked out as about $5 / invitation. This is not including the fact that I managed to get a discounted rate on one of the components, so it’ll actually work out cheaper than that!


The thing that worried GP and myself  is the guest list. We’re set on a cap of 150 people – and we’ve got about 162 people on our list. Now, I know there’s a guaranteed 10 naysayers from that 162 – but it still is a worrisome thing. GP and I will be biting our fingernails (hopefully figuratively) in anticipation when those invitations get sent out.

Wish us luck!