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We interrupt your (semi-)regularly programmed schedule…

13 Apr

Hello hive!

I know: GASP, she’s posted three in a row? This is the FOURTH!?

But I’m here to tell you that, today, Mr Big and myself will finally be embarking on our long-awaited honeymoon! I literally just turned 26 (April 11!), so you can say it’s a honeymoon/birthday! By the time you guys read this, I’ll most likely be on the Pacific Ocean, cruisin’ along with the husband.

We’re both super excited, and also, I’m a little bit nervous! This is the LONGEST trip I’ll have been on, since we’re not just cruisin’ to North America, but we’ll be hopping around the US as well, visiting friends and checkin’ out Disneyworld the sights.

So with that said, hive, I’ll be back mid-year (June-ish!) and I’ll finish off my recaps! Hopefully I can write them up while I’m away.

For now, I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo:


Be seeing you when I get back!

-Mrs Bighorn Sheep.

[All photos by Studio Something, unless otherwise stated.]

And just in case anyone needs a catch up…

Takin’ Love by the Horns: Guys Gettin’ Good-Lookin’

11 Apr

Like most Bees, I wasn’t with the other half during the getting-ready segment of the day. When I asked Mr Big what time he got up, his reply was, “uh crap, I can’t remember. Maybe 8 o’clock?”

Eight o’clock. He woke up at eight o’clock. I was up at the crack o’dawn (I may be exaggerating). Hive, I hate him (I don’t. I love you Mr Big!).

Anyway, from what I can tell, Mr Big woke up, had a buffet breakfast at the Crowne Plaza (soooo jealous), and then went back to the villa to get ready. The photographers arrived at about 8AM for me, realised I was sitting at the hair station, and went to see Mr Big.

Unfortunately, for Mr Big, he wasn’t ready. As the photographers came in, so did Mr Big’s parents and Mr Big’s uncle Ado. This all led to a very stressed Mr Big, who ended up getting MC Chupacabra to handle his family as he got the rest of the details lined up for the photographers.

The photographers were able to capture amazing detail shots of the guys, but unfortunately, most of the guys were already ready by the time they turned up to take pictures of them (I guess Mr Big didn’t get the memo). However, if you watch the Same Day Edit, you can get the general vibe of the guys getting ready.

So without further ado, here are the guys being all schmick:


I LOVE THEIR SHIRTS. Left to right: GM Xboy, BMan Hunter, Mr Big, GM Not-Brit, GM The Flash, and GM Iron.


Close-up of Mr Big’s cufflinks and his monogrammed shirt. Also, Mr Big is the sex. You guys may not agree, I totes do.

close-up groomsmen

Closeups of the groomsmen.

And because this gives more insight into the whole “getting ready” phase of the day with the guys, here’s the Same Day Edit (again):

Shameless Plug! Also, Onsight Films blogged us!

I’ll go into more detail in a details post (ha, see what I did there?). But from these photos, I deduced two things: 1) Mr Big looked heeeeella good in his suit and shirt, and 2) the decisions to colour the lining of the groomsmen shirts was a really good one.

Anyone else know if their groom had a hectic morning?

On the next episode of “Takin’ Love by the Horns: The Bighorn Wedding”, the former Miss Big puts on her bridal finery!

[All photos by Studio Something. Same Day Edit by Onsight Films.]

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Takin’ Love By the Horns: Girls Gettin’ Glammed

10 Apr

The morning started early, at about 5:30AM.

I woke up, brushed my teeth, and proceeded to ensure everything was in order. I was feeling great! Excitement was keeping most of my nerves at bay. After I had brushed my teeth, a knock on the door heralded the arrival of MIL Big. A few moments later, another knock on the door announced the arrival of BMs Proper, Cupcakes, and Superhero. By that point, MoH M&Ms, Groom’s Homie Oddball, and Mama Bighorn were also getting up. The excitement in the villa was palpable. About half an hour later, the fabulous ladies from Doubletake Makeup Artistry arrived and set up. There were two hair styling stations, and one makeup station.

They got the bridesmaids and the mother-ofs ready first:


BM Proper, in one of the hair-styling chairs.


Mama Bighorn, getting her lips on.

The photographers arrived at about 8AM, two or so hours after all the girls had gotten all prettied up, so there weren’t a lot of professional photos of people getting their glam on. I had more, but we won’t go into that (again).

There were a lot of these types though!



Papa Bighorn!



Side note: I loved my bouquet. It’s all dried now, and stored away. Still trying to figure out what to do with it though…

After the girls were ready, the makeup artists focused their attention on me.


With your help, hive, I settled on a side chignon. Want to see?


Little bit messy here (this was during the reception), but you get the gist.


I loved my hair and felt fabulous the entire day. I wish I could have that hair forever. So thank you hive, for helping me out. You guys are the BEST.

Up next: The boys get ready.

[All photos by Studio Something Photography.]


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Takin’ Love by the Horns: Not a Morning Person

8 Apr

[This post is sort of out-of-order, but I wanted to get a few ‘negative’ things out before I launch into the good parts of the morning.]

Every Most brides have something they regret about their wedding. I’d like to say I’m not one of them, but there are a few things that went wrong here and there. There’s nothing I can do to fix those things, but I can share it with the hive so that others know what to plan for and do during those times. One of these regrets, hive, is a relatively simple oversight.

Now usually, I’m not a morning person. My bridesmaids knew this, and knew that I probably needed a cup of coffee. Luckily for me I had way too much energy from the excitement. So much so that I didn’t even have my usual cup of coffee all day. Can you believe that!?


However, originally I was hoping to grab a few breakfast goodies the day before: yoghurt, fresh fruits, juices, coffee and tea, cereal, milk, a nice chocolate spread, some jam, and let the girls pick and choose what they want. But if you read my posts regarding my Saturday, I literally did not have time to do any of those things, and I had completely forgotten about it by the time the day arrived. What’s worst was that BMs Cupcakes and Superhero had gone shopping, and all I really needed to do was ask them to collect a few things (and pay them back), but alas, stress + massage to ease stress = loss of memory, apparently.

So I forgot about breakfast.


Like THIS. The yumminess. / Image via Chai Me.

Now on the morning of the wedding, as I made sure things were in order and my girls slowly came in or woke up, I realised with horror that we had nothing to eat for breakfast. Because it was 5AM in the morning, no shops were open either (country Australia, no 24-hour convenience stores here!).

I didn’t know what was in-stock at my parents’ villa, but usually there’s cereal, milk, bread, and spreads. Unfortunately, with there being approximately 8 girls and 2 guys (Papa Bighorn and The Don) getting ready in the room, there wasn’t enough breakfast for anyone, let alone me.

I was concerned for my girls, mostly, because BM Superhero is significantly affected when she hasn’t had a bite to eat, and BM Cupcakes was super worried about not being able to eat during the day (because of how busy it would get). So I wanted to ensure breakfast was available.

But all we had was milk enough for two people (not enough for cereal for everyone) and a tiny, tiny, tiny jar of Nutella spread. By the time it was 8AM, I asked MoH M&Ms to get something more substantial, hoping at least for some juice, but all she could find was a jar of jam.

wee nutella

Bite size Nutella, not enough for 10 people! / Image via Lucky Pony.

Oh well!

Jam and toast it was. Unfortunately, by the time the jam and toast was served, I was getting super, super, super nervous because I knew Mr Big would be headed in to “see” me soon (more on that later!). So I forced myself to eat some toast BM Proper fed me toast (yes, you read right. The fabulous BM Proper fed me toast on the morning of my wedding) and then I proceeded to let it digest.

So, a word of warning to you girls planning your weddings: Have a breakfast plan! Don’t just assume there’ll be enough food. I, for one, truly regret not being able to have a substantial breakfast for my girls and me the day I got married. I even remember turning to BM Proper, Superhero and Cupcakes and jokingly saying, “If I faint at the end of the aisle, please catch me”.

I also found out later that Mr Big had pre-arranged a meeting with the boys at the breakfast buffet at the Crowne. He explained to me that it was the best. Breakfast. Ever. It’s safe to say, folks, that I was super jealous of him!

Who else forgot about a crucial meal of the day? Who now is hurriedly planning one, haha!

Up next: the girls get all glammed up.


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Takin’ Love by the Horns: A Moment with the Girls

2 Apr

When I got to my parents’ villa, I had a moment to relax before my girls came along. And with them, they brought this:


Audrey Wilkinson’s Moscato.

We settled down to relax for a little bit before we started chatting, rather excitedly, about the next day. I’d be the first of my friends to get married, so it was a new experience for everyone! We sipped our moscato, and chowed down on watermelon:


A summer fruit staple!

I also got a few things ready for the next day, including the gowns for my bridesmaids. I had intended on keeping those a secret, buuuut Groom’s Homie had found out about them when Mama Bighorn decided to casually chat about the bridesmaids’ gifts in front of her to me. So I figured, let them all in on the secret!

Gown Ready

After a few more pictures:

wedding eve montage

… BM Cupcakes and Superhero asked about the aisle-walk and I explained to them what we’d be doing. BM Superhero (or was it Cupcakes?) then asked what the girls would do with their parasols when they got to the front. Hm. Good question.

We debated for a little bit and then concluded that they would shut their parasols as they walked down the stairs before the end of the aisle and then lay them down at their feet when they were standing in the front.

With that finalised, my bridesmaids then decided it would be good to “practice” their walk down their aisle. Where you ask? Well, see that long corridor in the above pictures? There.

It made for some very hilarious pictures:

walking down the aisle

All my girls, walkin’ the walk.

After a few laughs and some more chatting, we each bid each other good night and I settled down to sleep. Groom’s Homie Oddball and I were sleeping in the same room, so we chatted for a little bit. She was more nervous than I am about walking down the aisle! After we chatted a little bit more, I grabbed my laptop and wrote my last post as a miss. I then spent a few moments mulling over things in my head before I drifted off into sleep. I’d be waking up in approximately 5 hours to the morning of my wedding day.

Up next: The girls get their purteh onnnn~

Who else had a fun night with the girls before the wedding day? Anyone else have their party practice their walk down the aisle?

[All photos taken by BM Cupcakes]


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